V-bar set to receive refurbishment

V-bar is set to be refurbished by Commercial Services in time for the 2012/13 academic year despite the Vanbrugh JCRC being told last year that it wasn’t included in the University budget

It has been announced that Vanbrugh’s bar will be refurbished by Commercial Services in time for the next academic year.

Kallum Taylor, Vanbrugh JCRC Chair, stated that he was “absolutely delighted” that the bar will be improved by August 2012.

Despite being informed last year that the cost of the scheme was £135,753+ VAT and not in the University’s capital budget for the 2011/12 academic year; Taylor stated that Vanbrugh’s JCRC continued to push for the project, “despite the nay-sayers who wrote it off as a mere vote-winner and poster point.”

Throughout the year students from across campus were able to express their grievances and make suggestions via the JCRC’s Facebook group that was dedicated to the cause.

Taylor commented that the refurnished V-Bar will finally be the, “comfortable, atmospheric and quality campus bar that it should be.”

Pancée Shoukry, an electronics student, stated that she felt the current bar “doesn’t truly reflect the Vanbrugh spirit”.

While Jordan Gillies, a first-year student living in Vanbrugh, welcomed the refurbishment and expressed his concerns that V- bar currently is, “more of a school canteen with a bar stuck onto it than some where that can compete with bars in the centre of York to draw students in for pre-drinks.”

The design of the new bar has yet to be decided upon, and students have been urged to come forward with suggestions.

The JCRC is “particularly interested in speaking to the bar’s more frequently visiting societies” and receiving their input.

A new entrance both inside and outside the bar, more comfortable seating, a functioning heating system and a performance-friendly platform for open-mic nights are all high on the agenda.

Taylor added his appreciation and thanks to Commercial Services for their, “openness and co-operation with the student body” over this issue and the recent move to reduce the price of drinks.

Commercial Services told Nouse at the beginning of October that the refurbishment was the next priority if funds became available.


  1. If this turns V-Bar into another Lounge/Derwent Bar-esque cafeteria-that-serves-drinks, I’ll be a tad put out.

    It’s the only remotely “pub”ish bar on campus, these days. Funny to think that only three years ago, every single college had its own bar.


  2. 18 Nov ’11 at 12:22 am

    Kallum Taylor

    Champers, it definitely won’t end up anything like D-Bar, the Courtyard or the Lounge. If the campus bars end up all too similar then they’ll face even more of a struggle for custom than they already do.

    We’ll be pushing for the ‘pub like’ feel even more with this – that’s what I personally want, and that’s what the general consensus seems to be also.

    Can’t wait!


  3. I’d rather be in a “Bar-esque cafeteria-that-serves-drinks” which is busy every single night than anywhere else!


  4. Champagne, I feel you may have your facts wrong. Three years ago, neither Halifax or James or Langwith had their own bars. I do agree that it would be nice to maintain a traditional pub feel on campus, and hopefully v-bar will keep its real ales.

    Good to see Nouse has a good, recent picture of v-bar though, complete with ashtrays :/


  5. Kallum Taylor has been a fantastic Vanbrugh chair, no doubt about it


  6. Oh it’s been a long time since I was at York, when each college had its own little bar, each complete with their own quirky characters. I quite liked the old, almost retro thing they had going – as I left, they were starting to put in these new fangled cafes / bars that seemed very manufactured and sterile :(


  7. The Lounge does actually feel like an airport waiting lounge, so at least they got the name right.

    Hopefully V bar will aim for some personality.


  8. Did James ever have its own bar before this year? I remember JJs and Langwith Bar but wasn’t aware of a James one. Hence the phrase ‘s*** college no bar’ that Goodricke students used to sing at their neighbours. Funny how things change…

    Still, agree that it’s nice to have one pub-feeling bar on campus. Conference guests like that when they visit, as well as students.