Nov9 student protests: a summary

Students descend on to the city of London to address the alleged impending ‘privatisation’ of the higher education system


  1. That Met leaflet was an annoyance for sure. We were trying to get the students not to accept them, instead to take literature from those running the march. The police were all smiles and saying there was no agreement to behave or changes to the march planning in there. The last paragraph on the front was an unnecessary large addition if they were indeed not attempting to change aspects of the march enroute, which they later did.

    Whilst there were some specific high profile issues on the day, the largest health and safety dangers IMHO came from the Fetter Lane kettling which the police described as bring necessary to let slow marchers catch up. The continual stops and 10 metre advances the march faced down Fleet Street were designed to antagonise those in the march. At Fetter Lane the waits were absolutely ridiculous, trapped in a tight lane with two choppers constantly hovering overhead with the officers on the ground failing to take action to prevent injuries of peaceful protesting students, even after watching myself and another steward audibly warning the smaller, more vulnerable marchers over to the side of the march body when a clearly announced intention to push from the rear led to some falls and potential crushing injuries.

    The video by ‘thethronestones’ you’ve linked to in your piece shows ‘sexy’ conflict at the exit to Fetter Lane with Black Bloc. Just before that though, two police horses stamped into the front of the protest body. The first after losing control, the second controlled by its rider because he obviously wanted to ‘get some’ too. I have fairly clear video of this incident.


  2. 12 Nov ’11 at 8:28 pm

    Jonathan Frost

    @YSTClinguist Thanks for your comments, can you upload and link the video? I’d be interested to see, and we could build it into the piece if it’s clear.


  3. Video of the mounted police slamming into the solid body of antagonised protesters coming out of the New Fetter Lane kettling. A lot of the protesters were young and small in stature, none had the ability to retreat to safety. Most of my clips were unfortunately short due to being rather busy along the route and the start/stop rolling kettle system used in the Met’s Total Policing methodolgy.