This winter’s must have items

The roll neck

As the days grow shorter and the cold set’s in, it seems crucial to find clothes more amenable to these increasingly hostile climates. So lets consider the much reviled turtle neck. An item of clothing mostly associated with a disagreeable overhang from 70’s ski “fashion”. But this piece of bonafide mountain gear is enjoying something of a resurgence on the runways this season, being showcased by the likes of Calvin Klein and Roberto Cavalli. . Wear under tailoring or tweed for mock sophistication, big and baggy for new grunge, such as this McQueen knit for £522, or with high waisted trousers and trench coats for a stab at MOD revival.Will Westerman

The Boots

This year all things sparkly are in, and this pair of disco ball Chelsea boots might just be the most versatile thing in your wardrobe. Try out these beauties from Tophshop for £80. Whilst Dorothy may have gone for cherry red, the deep navy blue brings a level of sophistication that counterpoints the glitter nicely, making it more of a sexy shimmer. Wear them with absolutely anything – though they may not take you back to Kansas, with three clicks of your heels they’ll take you effortlessly from day to night. Wear them out completely during the next six months, and then you have the perfect pair of festival boots for the summer!India Block

Aztec Print

Influenced by the ancient artistry of 16th century Mexico, Aztec-print clothing is a great way to add a little vibrancy to your winter wardrobe. Though first resurging in Matthew Williamson’s 2009 collection, the look’s versatility truly became apparent in the astonishing Spring/Summer collections of Missoni and L.A.M.B. Both shows, alive with eccentric and vastly ranging colours, demonstrated the print’s unexplored scope. Since the wrongful, mainstream slating of Zoe Kravitz in February 2011 (who sported a brightly-coloured winter jacket incorporating the print), celebs such as Gwen Stefani and Rihanna have donned garments with indubitable elegance. Now available to high-street shoppers at affordable prices, the print has made its mark upon this season’s H&M, River Island and ASOS collections. Excitingly, the print is not limited by gender; trendy bags, T’s and hats are available to guys whilst girls have free-range on leggings, bodycon dresses, skirts and shirts. Jonjo Lowe