Laura Marling

Date: 22nd October
Venue: York Minster
Rating: *****

“Don’t tell the others – but this one’s the biggest”, Marling whispers mid-set. At the peak of a national cathedral tour, the sounds of her latest top 5 album, “A Creature I Don’t Know” booming around the intricate stained glass cavern that is the Minster, this certainly represents a career milestone for the folk songstress who released her first EP at 17.

Taking our seats in the ever-so-slightly middle aged audience, trying to establish any tracks requiring religious censoring in this unique gig venue (I doubt Kunt and the Gang’s request to play will be granted any time soon), Marling steps out, and seems tiny compared to the grandeur of the venue.
However, as she breaks into “The Muse” with the gusto of her backing band, any hints of being outdone by her surroundings dissipate, as the power of her vocal asserts who the real star of the show is. After a swelling crescendo to end “Ghosts”, the band hit their stride with a majestic “Salinas”, segueing into “Don’t Ask Me Why”. Although occasionally some parts threaten to be lost in the reverb of the cathedral, tracks like these show off the complexities, both lyrical and musical, of her recent album.

The highlight of the evening comes with the central part of the set, when Marling is left alone on stage to display her masterful songwriting, and a far cry from the timidity of her early days. As the band return, Marling closes her sermon, leaving fans ca