Plumbing problems in Halifax unresolved

Halifax residents have expressed discontent as maintenance issues with their accommodation remain unresolved.

Residents from several blocks in Halifax have discovered problems with the plumbing in their houses.

In one instance a house has been left without usable shower facilities for over a week, despite having reported the problem, and another house has been without central heating since the start of term.

One Halifax student commented on the plumbing issue saying: “Given how much we pay for a room here, it’s pretty ridiculous.”
Students living in the housessay that they reported the problems with their accommodation long before any attention was paid to their breakdowns. This length of time has been attributed to the need to call in outside contractors by the porters and University.

Vicky Eades, a resident of Ingram Court in Halifax, criticised the “slow response” of the University authorities.

“Not being able to have a shower for a week was simply unpleasant,” she added.

Davedass Mootanah, President of Halifax College JCRC, expressed his surprise at the importance attached to the issue of faulty plumbing.
He stated: “The porters are there for students to go to if such cases arise.” However he regretted that, “in hindsight, students should have been made more aware of this during these first couple of weeks.”

The college accommodation was refurbished over the summer, with an emphasis on improving the kitchen facilities. Some students have suggested that this renovation is responsible for the plumbing faults.

A University spokesperson commented on the ongoing problems with plumbing in Halifax, but denied that residents had been making “major” complaints about the accommodation.

“There is some routine maintenance as well as ‘snagging’ on refurbished buildings and we have had no major complaints from residents.”
All rooms are categorised as Band 3 or 4 on the University’s pricing scale, with students paying between £111.86 and £118.02 a week. This makes the accommodation amongst the most expensive single-occupancy accommodation on-campus along with rooms in Derwent who have also had problems at the start of term despite being refurbished over the summer.