Derwent Security concerns for JCRC

The Derwent JCRC have expressed repeated concerns over the level of security around Derwent as it plans to move thousands of pounds worth of equipment back in.

Nouse reported in May about the theft of expensive JCR equipment from the Derwent common room earlier this year, however there hasn’t been an increase in the number of CCTV cameras in the area, despite promises from the University.

The JCRC are concerned about the lack of CCTV around Derwent College because of the several thefts that took place during Easter this year, which included: a plasma screen TV; Nintendo; and the projector from the cafeteria ceiling.

Refurbishments during the summer meant that bottom floor windows in D block were re-secured, but security failed to install more CCTV. There are very few cameras working in the nucleus of the college and the quality of the footage produced is very poor.

However, promises to install more CCTV were made back in April, but nothing has still been done about it despite plans to bring in an estimated £2,500- £3,000 worth of consoles and TVs back into the JCR.

Despite this, the University has taken a dismissive attitude to the security breaches, stating “there are no plans to increase CCTV in and around Derwent. It was as a result of review of CCTV footage generated by the existing cameras that the culprits from the last incidents were identified and apprehended.”

They added: “ While the thefts were unfortunate, they are unlikely to have occurred had the JCR been left secure.”

One student from Derwent said that she hasn’t seen any cameras and another in Derwent D block described the security as, “pretty flawed” due to the poor quality magnetic doors.

Many college chairs have expressed worries over security in their college and especially in regard to CCTV cameras. The University has also come under criticism for the lack and quality of CCTV cameras around the off-campus Vanbrugh accommodation, Fairfax House.