Dans La Vie spring/summer ’12

Dans La Vie’s “My Pop Madonna” show was a creation of female fascination and empowerment

Image: Philippa Grafton

Image: Philippa Grafton

Empowering women certainly had to be a theme at Dan La Vie’s second collection to be shown at London Fashion Week. The show was entitled “My Pop Madonna” and of course opened with the musical queen herself belting out “Like A Prayer”. And the slow regal start to the song contrasted nicely with the stern quick walk of the first model adorned in a huge plastic patterned yellow dress. This was clearly a show for women and about women.

Featuring four themes, (camouflage madonna, red angel, rose madonna and city tokyo) this show had an interest in religious iconography. The first dresses did literally “camouflage” a painting of the virgin mary under stripes of other patterns, and as the show moved through the themes images of cherubs and the Madonna kept reappearing. Rosary beads kept appearing hung around an ankle or a headdress and dark crosses stood out on ivory material.

This religious iconography was embedded in outrageous colours and was often laid up in strips across the garments. The outfits were primarily dresses and were made with plastic and shift, often nipping in at the waist and billowing out around the torso. There was even the appearance of a plastic patterned crop top and a clutch bag. The combination of religion and colour definitely proved the “My Pop Madonna” title to be true, literally putting the Madonna in pop art.

Aside from Madonna, the clothes were also set to music by Amy Winehouse, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. The inclusion of the most influential female artists emphasised further Dans La Vie’s desire to illustrate the power of women throughout time. The show clearly had a purpose and at times it was all a bit to obvious, but there was no doubt that the pieces were well thought out and brilliantly designed.