August 2011

York Fashion Crawl

Planning to hit the town with force an empty wardrobe and a bank card? With a student budget probably not, but no matter: even if you’re just out for a browse, Sarah Wolfe gives you the low down on what York has to offer shops-wise

The Lure of the Library

Since April of this year, 415 public libraries have either already been closed, or faced imminent threat. Just what is it that lured people into libraries, and can they still mean something to us today?

The Sabbatical Team

Short interviews with members of the sabbatical YUSU team 2011

The Movements: Pop Art

Irony, parody and mass culture decorate the altar of this style, while modernism, ‘elitist’ art and any subculture that takes itself too seriously lies ripped to shreds by its discerning and satirical tone

University Sport at York

Like most universities there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with sport at York

College Sport at York

Whilst York may not be a national leader in sport at university level, one thing it does have in its favour is the College Sport system. This gives all students ample opportunity to play meaningful, competitive sport at a level which suits them

Wentworth College

Opened in 1972, Wentworth is the only college exclusively for graduate students, though they may live in any college on York campus

Goodricke College

As the most recently built college, Goodricke is in the process of forming its own identity

Alcuin College

Alcuin College, tucked away in a quiet corner of campus, is one of the oldest and largest colleges at York, yet has some of the newest accommodation

Derwent College

Derwent College has a well-deserved reputation for being the most social college on campus

Vanbrugh College

Vanbrugh is centrally located by the lake, helping its students gain the reputation as some of the most sociable on campus

Leeds: The Real Fashion Deal

So you love fashion and take care in your appearance. You read the latest glossy magazine and religiously follow the trends, or even create the trends because you are that cool. Everything about you screams style