July 2011

Immigration must be brought back into the political conversation

It is dangerous to try to make reason of the savage brutality of a madman. His horrifying act, motivated by extremist politics, has shone a spotlight on an increasingly powerful far right movement across Europe

Shunning extremism only allows it to thrive

The recent incident In Oslo has highlighted the need for us to confront extremism head on rather than pushing it underground, otherwise we run the risk of the far-right gathering more dangerous momentum- with serious consequences

Edinburgh Fringe ’11: Where to eat

Whether you’re performing or watching, the Fringe is a big one, and cafes will feel like a godsend in between shows. Mia de Graaf gives you her pick of pizza places, chocolate soup cafes, and hog roast rolls in Edinburgh this year

Milliband’s Hackgate Honeymoon

After facing a considerably rocky stretch as Labour leader, Ed Milliband has managed to capitalise on the scandalous fervour surrounding the telephone hacking extravaganza and David Cameron’s seemingly dubious ties with some of its more dastardly culprits

Graduating from Glee

As some of Glee‘s principal characters are set to leave the programme, Camilla Apcar reviews who will be missed…and who won’t

Government to shake up allocation of undergraduate places

The University may be forced to compete for over half of its undergraduate intake from 2012 under government plans

Lucian Freud dies aged 88

Celebrated German-British artist Lucian Freud has died aged 88 in his London home

Compulsory payment will damage creative internships

Summer is prime internship time. We spent the end of last term waxing lyrical about all our brilliant summer projects, internships and holidays. But how many of them are paid is completely different question. In fact, the students I know to be getting paid this summer I can count on one hand

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

It is the end of Harry Potter. This film makes it go out with a bang, a smile, a tear. Yates has seen us through the end admirably well, even though he hasn’t always tapped into the rich story in his hands with bold depth

Banks focus on the negatives of ring fencing proposals

The publication of over 170 responses from banks, businesses and individuals to the Independent Commission on Banking report came out today, revealing general areas of consensus regarding the reforms of the troubled sector

Sunday Times Editor receives Honorary degree amidst allegations

The awarding of an Honorary Degree to the Sunday Times Editor, John Witherow, is to go ahead despite accusations by Gordon Brown surrounding the way personal information was gathered by the newspaper

How will the return of the Mac go at Royal St George’s?

With all eyes on a young man from Northern Ireland coming into the British Open Sam Morgan runs the rule over his competitors and the tricky course that the field will have to combat