Bar staff assaulted during Halifax football social

Members of the Halifax firsts football team have been criticised for anti-social behaviour on Thursday night, after allegedly throwing eggs and stones at bar staff members, having been refused service in D-bar.

Just hours before their college cup victory, a group of around eight males in fancy dress are reported to have entered the bar, but were refused service by Richard Taylor, the bar manager, after rumours circulated that they intended to cause damage to the bar.

The group have been identified as members of the Halifax first team, and were captured on the bar’s CCTV camera.

After being refused service at the bar, an argument broke out between the team and bar staff. The team then left, chanting abuse at the staff and other students: “Derwent are wankers.”

Approximately an hour later, students in D-bar witnessed two members of the group return with eggs and stones. They proceeded to throw the projectiles at the two members of staff working behind the bar, striking them multiple times.

The staff were both covered in egg, and one was struck in the arm with a stone. The members of staff assaulted did not include Richard Taylor, who initially denied them service at the bar.

The two assailants then fled the scene, briefly pursued by the bar staff.

Amelia Allen, a Derwent first year in the bar on the night commented: “It’s absolutely pathetic; they must have methodically planned for over an hour to egg the bar staff.”

“They were immature in every aspect. From their dress to their actions, it’s just pathetic.”

Commercial services have refused to comment on the incident.


  1. This is disgraceful behavior by our football team, i hope that if this is true the matter will be taken very seriously by both the provost and chair.

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  2. How much methodical planning does egging a couple of people take?

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  3. Firstly I know for a fact that no stones were thrown on the night in question and this is purely hyperbole. Furthermore, the argument of these assailants being only first team players is too inaccurate from what I have heard on the matter.

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  4. This sort of behaviour has been consistently shown by the Halifax Football team for years on their “world tour” event.

    It’s really fun for them to go around and egg people and damage stuff.

    Typical immature.

    The Halifax Provost should really take action against them. (Not sure York Sport will even if they have the power considering the behaviour of their own clubs and the York Sport Committee).

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  5. 28 Jun ’11 at 5:14 pm

    Concerned observer

    I’m worried that a student at York University would need over an hour to plan an egging. How long would it take her to plan an essay which has more detail than: “buy eggs, go to a place, throw eggs.”

    That’s not to say it wasn’t a very silly thing to do.

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  6. 29 Jun ’11 at 4:17 pm

    Wood Court Faxer

    Being in Halifax I would normally give a biased opinion however I think these actions are disgraceful by Halifax College members. The morons that inhabit the first time didn’t deserve their victory first of all and throwing eggs and stones only further adds to their infamy. Scum, subhuman scum.

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  7. I think this is ‘allegedly’?

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  8. As member of Halifax obviously this behaviour is not good, but I think some facts need to be checked. There were over 30 guys on that social where is the proof that all of them were first team, in fact it is more likely it was not them seeing as they had a match the next day which they won!

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  9. you are all girmy eyed. So much worse goes on through the year but when the college cup winners are hungover (albeit a few idiots who took the social further than its ever been) then it dont even matter. Week 10, no news. GLNYYWF

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  10. Good point, GORM. Next time someone gets assaulted, I’ll them “So much worse goes on! It’s not like you were murdered or paralysed, so it doesn’t matter!”


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  11. 1 Jul ’11 at 2:01 am

    Champagne Conservative

    What is it about membership in a Sports Team that promotes being an utter ass?

    Rugby, Football, Cricket- whatever the team, the dick:normal ratio’s absurdly skewed. This sort of attitude should have the members in question kicked out of the University- or at least suspended for a year acquaint themselves with such social niceties as etiquette and not being a knob.

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  12. I cannot believe a harmless bit of fun warrants a news story! Stuff like this is all part of being in a sports team, besides the real criminals here on the Premiership footballers who misguide young footballers and influence their behaviour, Halifax are the victims.

    There’s a story

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  13. and you guys think uyrufc are bad!

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  14. Surely this is at least as bad at the racist tweets of the rugby team? At least in that no individual was targeted or abused.

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