Playboy by numbers

Playboy by numbers

2000. The allowance a live-in playmate gets from Hefner in exchange for certain *ahem* duties performed at the Playboy Mansion. He wants his girls home by 10pm every night, in order to get their beauty rest, we assume.

43%. The amount of Playboy’s employees devoted to R&D. Considering Hugh’s got one of the biggest in the world, firms we mean, that’s pretty impressive. But what are they investigating? Isn’t it the world’s oldest profession?

1st. The question that popped into everyone’s minds after the above was announced: does that mean there are going to be less Playboy bunnies?

2. The number of times Hugh Hefner has been arrested. Once for photographing a minor nude and once for obscenity charges from ‘the nudest Jayne Mansfield.” Trial ended with a (here’s one for the cheap seats) hung jury. Wahey wahey.

1960s, Penthouse took Playboy on in the so-called ‘pubic wars’ with each determined to show more and more. Chillax boys, now we have the Hollywood wax there’s no need to squabble. It’s defs not porn, it’s art.