Departments miss feedback deadline

Several departments have failed to meet University deadlines for returning feedback. The Environment Department has taken nearly 13 weeks to provide students with feedback. The delay has left many students uncertain about how to revise and improve their work in the future.

The departments have been criticised for having failed to abide by the University’s policy of getting feedback to students within six weeks. The departments of Economics, Business and History of Art have all also failed to deliver feedback on submitted work in time.

Hattie Moir, a first-year History of Art student, said: “The History of Art department are quite disorganised, we don’t get reminded about a lot of our the meetings we have to go to and a lot of the classes towards the end of the year haven’t been on our timetables.”

She went on to say “it’s important that we get feedback in time for us to further develop our understanding of the subject and to allow us to progress in our degrees.”

The time departments takes for feedback has been a source of tension between YUSU and the University in recent years, as Charlie Leyland, Academic Affairs Officer in 2009-10, reduced the time but failed to hit her target of five weeks.

Ben Humphrys, YUSU Academic Affairs Officer, said: “Most other Universities, and a fair few York departments, manage to turn around feedback in four weeks, so six should not be a challenge.

“If we’re going to promise students that they’ll receive feedback in a set time we’ve got to live up to it, and University senior management will need to start getting tough with those that don’t.”

The Academic Affairs Officer elect, Graeme Osborn, announced in his hustings that he would also attempt to tackle the issue, and aim to bring down the time from six to four weeks.

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