Catering to student needs

The Social and Catering Building looks set to be put on the back burner, despite having originally been promised to the neglected residents of Heslington East, who by next year will number 1,300. Students arriving for their first-year on Heslington East will be met with brand new, stylish accommodation but at a community with no soul and no real communal catering area. Prospective students expect the very best facilities and amenities as well as their living space. The prioritising of profit over the student experience is a wrong mantra to have. A long-term view of the University completely misses out the three-year cycle of students who have to suffer with substandard facilities because of the Univeristy’s supposed profit problem with catering facilities. If the University was in a dire financial state it may be different – but this isn’t the case. However, the planned protest that is due to take place today in the Hub needs the full support of everyone involved for it to work. Divisions between Goodricke College and the organisers of the protest are not helpful for either party. Goodricke is not going to achieve everything on its own, it needs campus-wide support to make the University listen and it is sending a bad message by shunning this protest in its own college. While the University has made it clear that the catering hub is not a priority, a collective campaign is needed to reinforce the message; if the campaign for the building becomes fractious, the likelihood of it arriving on Heslington East becomes ever more unlikely.­