Lady in lace?

It’s the versatility of lace that makes it such an enduring fashion staple. But how do we update lace in summer 2011? gives you a few ideas

Taylor Momsen makes lace more casual

Taylor Momsen makes lace more casual

From the catwalks of Dolce and Gabanna and British designer Erderm to the high street rails of Topshop you can’t escape the fact that lace is definitely in this summer. Throughout fashion history lace has been a classic choice, but the ‘wedding dress’ or ‘Victorian antiques’ look can be easily avoided with a few good style choices. It’s the versatility of lace that makes it such an enduring fashion staple. But how do we update lace in summer 2011? Here are a few ideas:

Taylor Momsen (pictured, right) shows how a simple white lace top can be combined with distressed denim if it’s casual you’re going for. The high street is full of cropped denim jackets which are perfect when combined with a short lace crop top.

Of course lace can be dressed up for a more glamorous look: black lace and a block colour, like red, creates a classy sophisticated look for a night out. But, although lace comes in different levels of opaqueness, underwear as outerwear has had its day, and showing your underwear in public is a definite faux pas. Layering lace tops with plain tanks is a great combination.

The modern 'Jane Austen' look

The romantic ‘little girl lost’ (see above) is a great look for spring days and the high street shops have an abundance of lace day dresses. Topshop’s cream lace flippy dress is a cute pick at only £48. If you are after something a little bit cheaper, online stores such as Chiara Fashion have some beautiful dresses on a budget. The romantic look is about loose, floaty dresses so the fit isn’t top priority. However, we don’t live in a Jane Austen novel so you can always add a waist belt for a chic shortcut to creating some structure, and getting the right shoes is a necessity. Contrasting a floaty dress or skirt with chunky wedges creates a modern twist on the romantic look. New Look have a large range of chunky wedges at prices from £24.99.

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  1. 14 Jun ’11 at 6:25 pm

    Christina Carabini

    For example this season DG showcased a collection of stunning lace dresses in virgin white you wont have to look too far to find a lacy designer double on the high street which can then be cleverly tweaked with accessories to give it that designer look.