York at the bottom of university sex survey

York was ranked in the bottom three for the average number of sexual partners at universities across the UK. Photo credit: New Batteries

York was ranked in the bottom three for the average number of sexual partners at universities across the UK. Photo credit: New Batteries

Students at the University of York have ended up at the bottom of the league for the average number of sexual partners they have had at university.

In a survey carried out in universities across the country, York was ranked 59th out of 61 universities named, with an average of 3.4 sexual partners per student.

Liam O’Shaughnessy, a first-year Physics and Philosophy student, speculated on the results of the survey commenting that maybe York has such a low average because, “it’s such a small University and everyone knows each other.”

Described as the “essential website for university life,” studentbeans used data from 2,284 sexually active students from 61 universities in the UK.

Universities in the top three of the league table were the University of Glamorgan, with an average of 10.9, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, with an average of 10.6 and University of Brighton, with an average of 9.5.

The only two universities to rank below York were Swansea University averaging 3.3 and City University London with an average of 3.1.

One third-year Economics and Management student also suggested that it may be due to the fact that “York itself isn’t a big city and aesthetically its really traditional…maybe the surroundings here just don’t incite promiscuity?” Adding that: “Maybe it’s because of work as well, I’ve heard York is known for being a bit geeky.”

Oliver Brann, editor of the studentbeans website felt that the location of Universities had some correlation to the results of the survey, as he remarked that Brighton being in the top ten didn’t surprise him because, “there is something about the sea air [there].”

The results of the “Sex League” made up part of a wider Sex Survey carried out by the website, claiming it to be the “UK’s very first student sex survey”.

The 2,818 students that took part in the Sex Survey were asked about their sex worries, what forms of contraception they use, how many times a week they were having sex, where they were having sex and “which celebrities they’d most like to shag.”

Some have questioned the accuracy of the results, with only 38 students from each York itself participating in the survey

“Maybe the surroundings here just don’t incite promiscuity”
Third-year student

Top of the list of national student worries was concerning performance while a quarter worried about pregnancy. The survey said that 40 per cent of students worried about what they looked like but only three per cent stating that they worried about what their partner looked like.

One second-year Economics student commented that he was surprised by the greater number of students worrying about what they look like.

“Surely it matters more about what the other person looks like?” He added that the survey was interesting as it made “students look a bit desperate and insecure.”

Technology was ranked above sex in terms of significance at university as, 24 per cent of students admitted that their mobile phone was the most important thing in their lifestyle.

This was followed by 11 per cent of students who “couldn’t live without Facebook”. Though ten per cent of students surveyed did say that sex was more important than both.

Russell Howard and Emma Watson were also named as top secret sex symbols for students.

The survey was carried out between between 20th April and 3rd May of this year in an effort to get down to the “nitty gritty” and lift the lid on student sex life.


  1. I’ve had way more.

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  2. At an average of 37 students per uni being interviewed this is really rather insignificant….

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  3. Totally agree with Fran. Also shouldn’t we be pleased that we are not sluts??

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  4. The 37 students who did the survey were the only York students not having sex at the time the survey was taken. That’s the real story.

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  5. 3.4 Seems like an awful lot to me.

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  6. Heck, I don’t even know where Glamorgan is. I think it must be such a dull place that there is simply nothing else to do.

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  7. I’ve had more sexual partners in a week…

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  8. People who stop for surveys/just want someone to talk to probably aren’t the best to get info from….ask people at 3am on a Sat night for actual results

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  9. 2 observations – firstly, everyone knows those attending newer unis (former polys) are more promiscuous and secondly, these averages are means, not mediums, so one promiscuous or lying student says he/she has slept with 100 people and it pushes the average up. Most students I know have only two or three sexual partners when at uni and many have only one as they spend most of the first year trying in vein to make their sixth form relationship work despite the distance.

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