The United States by numbers

The United States by numbers

1/3rd of Americans don’t believe in evolution. In some states, it’s taught alongside Darwinism as another ‘option’. Taking the land of plenty thing a bit far, no? Greedy yanks.

22% of New Yorkers said they would fire a good friend to get ahead. In England the number is less than half that. Does that make us noble? Or just lazy? Answers on a postcard please….

58% of Americans will never read another book after graduating high school. We can’t blame the success of the Twilight trilogy on them alone, can we?
15 percent. The number of brides who are virgins. 11% the number who walk down the aisle pregnant. Guess purity rings aren’t 100% effective after all.

1830 The year ketchup was created as a medicine. Factoring in Americans’ obsession with over the counter drugs, 30.5 tons a year seems pretty reasonable. Or maybe that’s just their love of all things fried.

50% of young Americans cannot locate New York on a map. Perhaps that’s why we end up with so many bemused American tourists around here.