Flashguns, Low Duo

Stereo has recently showcased a number of new talented new acts and tonight is no different

Date: 15th May
Venue: Stereo
Rating: ***

Stereo has recently showcased a number of talented new acts and tonight is no different. Opening the evening is Bewilderbeast, the project of one York student, with a set of aurally pleasuring, summer-evoking tones and breezy vocals, performed as well as more popular peers Washed Out and Neon Indian. Filling the gap between the headliners are Low Duo, a pair of Sheffield brothers, whose set consists solely of guitar and vocals. Usually the minimal stage presence of this acoustic duo might be intimate, but in the slightly over-sized Stereo it looks a bit awkward, more like a busk than a gig. Unfortunately it is difficult to grasp the lyrical content of the duo on first listen, and Leigh Greenwood’s vocals don’t have enough presence to hold the room in thrall. Minimalist singer songwriters might well be in vogue, but Low Duo are perhaps too conservative with their sound, relying too much on uninteresting guitar backing in vein of Miles Kane.

Topping the bill are Brighton three piece Flashguns, who have no trouble filling out the room with the passionate cries of “Come and See the Lights”. But there is a softer side to the band as well with the more subdued bluesy “Racing Race” that builds and falls with both soft and throat-tearing vocal backing. This is a far more interesting side to the band than the, at times, formulaic indie-pop, hopefully they won’t succumb to it too often.


  1. 1 Jun ’11 at 9:30 pm

    no-use review

    uh there’s three people in Flashguns, or were on the night?Seriously, were you even at the gig?
    You haven’t mentioned much of their set, their awesome new single (know what it’s called?) which was perhaps the highlight of the set, or any of the other tunes, the way they played, their names, their band setup, interesting use of a MIDI pedal to create a wall of sound, crowd’s reaction.. etc. Flashguns were immense on the night and simply dropping in two of their songs with no detail is frankly insulting, why bother doing the review if you’re not going to do it properly? I reckon you got too drunk, or weren’t even there…


  2. 2 Jun ’11 at 12:16 pm

    Adam Bychawski

    Ya got me, they’re a three piece not a four piece. You seem pretty adamant I wasn’t there though, are you stalking me?


  3. I cannot understand for the life of me the vitriol behind this comment. Adam consistently works hard to write, funny well informed reviews for the paper as well as articles about up and coming bands. This one is no different. He’s a student journalist providing content in his spare time, I’m not sure what gives you the right to straight up personally insult him as you have in this comment. There are so many more important things to get up tight about. Isn’t the fact that someone is taking time out of their life to review a Flash Guns gig more important than what type of pedal they used? Do you think that a Flashguns gig at Stereo, which I was at, merits a 500 word opus? You’re deluded if you think so.


  4. Yeah I just re-read, my comment, wow it does seem pretty vitriolic, perhaps I overstated my criticism a little too much. To be fair, Jake provided a pretty good repost.

    I think the problem was you spent more time criticising Low Duo (who as upcoming artists need as much positive press they can get) than actually positively reviewing Flashguns’ set, as well as getting some facts wrong, and I felt it kinda slurred Flashguns!

    But I’ll gladly put my hands up and say I perhaps got a lil aggressive, maybe it’s my adoration of MIDI pedals. I think the gig does deserve a little more written, with more detail about the headliners as they were awesome, and people only know how good they were, and how justified your assertions are, if you give enough detail to qualify your positive analysis of their set! I just thought if you saw it how you could get the band members wrong, but hey, we’re all allowed to make mistakes, I’m sure it was just a typo. But I don’t want to tell you how to write articles, you put a lot of other quality stuff up here, just think this wasn’t one of your best, particularly 15 days after gig. It seemed to me you’ve pretty much forgotten the gig, and just wikipedia-ed some details and songs. You wrote the review anyway, which is no bad thing as Jake notes.

    Anyway, it wasn’t meant to be so personal, why don’t we all just kiss and make up? Jake is absolutely right, you do some great stuff up on here, if I have personally insulted you, it wasn’t what was intended…Big up for giving the review and getting Flashguns out there, and all the hard work you do here(which you do in your spare time). This shows we all love our music and are passionate bout it, so at least there’s one thing in common between the three of us. To quote Neil Young, Keep on rocking in the free world.