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Designer. Ray Ban

When we think of summer we think of sunglasses. When we think of designer glasses we turn to Ray-Ban. Heritage with a twist, dating back to the 1930s as binocular designers and later sunglasses specialists distributing to the US Armed forces, they managed to branch out into the consumer and fashion industry and have kept up with the modern market, offering a never-fading, super-chic classy style of frames. Signature designs
include Aviator, Clubmaster, Jackie Ohh and Wayfarer, ensuring any shade-less person wanting something to protect their eyes in style will find a pair of glasses to suit them.

Disciple. Tom Cruise

Date: 1980. Icon: Tom Cruise. Film: Top Gun. A sign that Ray-Bans look good when paired with an aviator jacket. Cruise plays the high-flying fighter pilot ‘Maverick’ well, acting both rebel and charmer behind a pair of black Aviator style Ray-Bans. The black lenses are worn not to simply block the sun from Cruise’s eyes, rather more to project an image of macho coolness that causes females to swoon and males to be left in awe and empty their wallets. Cruise’s wardrobe of Levi Jeans, simple white V-neck and a flying jacket topped off with with short windswept hair gave the casual-sleek look a timelessness, as appreciation for both the actor and, moreso, the brand, have not faded.

DIY. Folli Follie

If shading the sun rays from your eyes with a pair of Ray-Bans isn’t on the cards, Folli Follie offers a pair of green lens Ray-Ban Aviator style lookalikes for £45. Topshop offer glasses in black and cream in Ray-Ban’s iconic Wayfarer style and a leopard print design in Clubmaster style for a mere £16. If you still need some glasses to match your bikini or trunks you could always pick up a pair of Ray-Ban copies at Camden Market in London for less than £5. Watch the UV protection mark though- when the rays get bright it’s best to shade in a safe screen of style.

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