Future Sounds: Thank You

Internet-addict Adam ychawski scours through blogs, shietgeist aggregators and hype-mongers to find your weekly recommendation of new talent:

#02: Thank You

It would be fibbing to claim that Thank You are a totally new band. With already a ruddy brilliant debut album “Golden Worry” released this January, that isn’t quite to the fresh quality standard of Future Sounds. Well apologies, because Thank You have popped over from Balitmore to visit our fair city of York next month (probably not exclusively), and this is something of a heads up.

Formed in 2006, the Baltimore trio is made up of Jeffrey McGrath, Michael Bouyoucas (apparently both listed as contributing “everything”) and (recently joined drummer) Emmanuel Nicolaidis. Much has been made of their hometown’s influence, but it’s probably a bit easier to say they sit somewhere between the weird psych-percussion of Boredoms and the more tribal sounding records of New York post-punk legends Liquid Liquid.

Thank You dip into a number of genres, at times submerging themselves in noise and feedback, only to surprise you with creepy tribal vibes, panpipes and muffled chanting. As a proof of this, the list of instruments used by the band include: ‘60s Vox organs, harmonica, mini-moog, jaw harp, sampler, and Fender Twin Reverb amps. If there’s anything that sounds familiar from track to track, it’s the impressively tight drumming: it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if original drummer, Elke Wardlaw, left due to being unable to cope with demand of each song’s percussion changes.

Catch them at York’s own Stereo before they return to B’more, and come early to sample post-chiptune explorer Chalices of the Past.

Listen at: Myspace

For fans of: Boredoms, No Age, Battles, Ponytail, Wet Hair.

Future purchase: “Golden Worry” is out now on Thrill Jockey records.