Future Sounds: Matthewdavid

Internet-addict Adam ychawski scours through blogs, shietgeist aggregators and hype-mongers to find your weekly recommendation of new talent

#01: Matthewdavid

Matthewdavid is the latest protégé of the Los Angeles beat scene, founded on a collective obsession with instrumental hip hop. From beat music’s early days of trading CD-R’s and getting high outside city outskirt bars, it has since grown into a popular club night, Low End Theory, and a dedicated record label, Brainfeeder. Matthewdavid, like most of its disciples has his own individual touches, notably sun-stroked ambient beats, drifting between psychedelic and hypnagogic. Everything he touches has a recognisable pitch-fiddled haze, along with a number of warped samples and field recordings that summon up a Californian landscape mirage while listening.

Outmind, Matthewdavid’s debut album is due for release tomorrow on Brainfeeder, founded by beat music pioneer Flying Lotus. Originally hailing from Atlanta, Matthew moved to California to pursue an internship at internet radio station and arts collective Dublab, bumping into FlyLo at a Low End Theory club night and later trading tapes. Matthew also runs his own label, Leaving Records, described by him as “more of a fun curatorial project” that specialises in cassette and other disbanded format releases. His first release, Disk, was released on CDs packaged in hollowed out and painted floppy disks. Appropriately enough this is an accurate musical analogy for Matthewdavid: both distantly nostalgic and abstractly modern.

Listen at: Myspace, Soundcloud.

For fans of: Madlib, Flying Lotus, J Dilla, James Ferraro, Mount Kimbie.

Future purchase: Outmind on Brainfeeder records.