Beauty Product regrets

For those used to tracking changes in the time via BeautyQueen, I apologise for my dereliction of duty. I have absolutely no excuse other than ruling the Kingdom of York takes time, even if my duties are limited to the product sphere. But never fear, my overly dramatic and slightly facetious ponderings have now returned…

For students, the approach of the summer term will always come with a twinge of sadness. Yes, warm weather brings barbecues and unnecessarily revealing clothes but it also signifies the fact that something is about to come to a conclusion, whether we want it to or not.

This is not helped by the Easter holidays during which we are expected to don our cramming hats and prepare for yet another period of exams but tend to spend our time procrastinating. As the children of the Labour government, we’ve experienced this for most of our lives and, let’s be honest, it’s getting hard to take it seriously. Our lives do not depend on the results of our 11+, 13+, GCSEs, etc…We’ll be just fine.

Summer may be the season for release from the bounds of education but it also reminds us of regret. Where did the time go? What could we have done better? Are we the people we wanted to be?

These, my royal subjects, are questions you must answer for yourself. I can say that you tend not to regret the things you do, only the things you miss out on.

This leads us to one of my all-time favourite segues…beauty products I wish I’d never bought.

Diorshow Mascara in Blackout – although featured on this blog, the mascara has failed to live up to it’s expectations. The wand is too long, the formula clumps and it’s impossible to get definitions. What a one-use wonder.

Benefit Some kinda gorgeous foundation – sure it’s easy and fast to apply but that doesn’t mean much when it barely lasts through your 9:15. Repeated application is tedious and means you go through it like they’s no tomorrow. It’s expensive too.

MaxFactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip TInt – I’m not even sure where to start – the applicator is messy and uneven and the color is more suited to a brothel. P&G, I expected more.

YSL Touche e’clat, number 8 – this just-released color was hailed as the biggest revolution in France since, you know, the French revolution. Not only did it fail to live up to my expectations, the pen leaks. Sure it works as a highlighter but so does the one I picked up from Rimmel at half the price.

Benefit Blush in Georgia – completely useless and suited for only those with the palest skin tones. I actually use it to set my foundation but it’s a bit too shimmery. Complete waste of money.

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Rose – Expensive yet barely shows up on the palest of skin. Repeated application just makes you look a bit greasy. Also, it smashes ridiculously easy. Need I say more?