April 2011

Spoilt Neighbours: The Nouse Live at Leeds 2011 Guide

Leeds has been practically smugly rubbing its musical superiority in our faces all year with: successful multi-roomed debutante Constellations festival, local talent exhibition British Wildlife festival and now another Live at Leeds festival

‘The’ dress deconstructed

The thing that has topped and tailed conversation since November last year has now been revealed: Sarah Burton designed that dress. Paris Bennett gives her analysis of why and how it works

The College Cup on Nouse Sport

It’s back and it’s bigger and better than ever. This year’s College Cup sees twenty four teams battling it out for two term’s worth of solid bragging rights. With a plethora of capable teams in the mix as well this year’s competition looks to be the tightest for some time


Is Russell Brand an actor? It’s that question that lies at the centre of this film

Your Highness

This is a stupid, stupid film with next to no depth that redefines the word “gratuitous” for a new generation. It’s brilliant

Future Sounds: Thank You

Internet-addict Adam Bychawski scours through blogs, shietgeist aggregators and hype-mongers to find your weekly recommendation of new talent:

Band of the Week: Funkadelic

Resident sound-nerd Tom Killingbeck thumbs through reams of musty vinyl so you don’t have to. Here are his weekly recommendations…

Ill-timed library closures spark student anger

The University has come under increasing pressure from students after only opening the library for one day out of the four day bank holiday weekend just before exams start and assignments are due in next week


Almost inevitably, more than one ditsy teenager answers the door seconds after having hung up on an evil-sounding caller who’s just told them “my face will be the last sight you see”

The Wills and Kate Commemorative Playlist

Our writer Tom Killingbeck, overcome with nuptial over-excitement, has excreted a majestic wedding playlist in honour of Wills and Kate’s Big Day

College Cup draw sets the stage for a tense tournament

The four teams likely to be in the shake up for the College Cup have been kept apart by today’s draw that sets the stage for a dramatic competition

Joan Miro: The Ladder of Escape

The curators are eager to highlight their move away from ‘Miro the surrealist’ – a tag that underlines some of his work, but without which frees the rest to take on a variety of connotations