March 2011

We need alternatives despite difficult situations

Addressing the crowd, Ed Miliband invoked “the suffragettes, who fought for votes for women and won, the civil rights movement in America that fought against racism and won, the anti-apartheid movement that fought the horror of that system and won.” As well as detracting from the focus of last week’s march, this misjudged piece of rhetoric drew attention to the protest’s distance from these aim-specific movements

Cuts protest: the press miss the point

Last Saturday demonstrators expressed their irritation with the Government’s cut proposals, but the nation’s press have focussed on the wrong aspect of the action

Band of the Week: Beirut

Resident sound-nerd Tom Killingbeck thumbs through reams of musty vinyl so you don’t have to. Here are his weekly recommendations…

The Wonders of the Universe

For the TV viewer prepared to have their understanding of gravity, time, and the notion of infinity pleasantly undermined by Prof. Brian Cox, OBE

Our Libyan intervention will not benefit anyone

When we are already receiving reports of civilian casualties as a direct result of our intervention, what right does the United Kingdom have to interfere in the affairs of another country?

Governmental motives questioned over student visa ruling

The Home Secretary, Teresa May, has announced the tightening of rules under which international students can obtain visas if they wish to study in the UK. However, the motives of the ruling is under scrutiny as the changes may prevent universities receiving the funding and talent that overseas students provide

The Lincoln Lawyer

The film is based on Michael Connelly’s novel of the same name, and sets up a typically intriguing moral and legal conundrum, letting the audience and the cast loose to solve it. Matthew McConaughey portrays an arrogantly confident defence lawyer who does business from his car, forming a strong connection with those he represents

Street Style #3

Suited and brogued, with some reindeer t-shirts. Here’s what York fashion has to show this week

Lecturers strikes will go unnoticed

It seems we can’t avoid strikes, demonstrations and petitions at the moment. When I turn off the TV, where someone has been screaming in the face of a bemused news reporter, and log onto the Internet I am bombarded with group invitations asking me to say “NO” to cuts

Battle: Los Angeles

You get the impression whilst watching Battle: Los Angeles that someone agreed to its production extremely early on. “Shaky-cam alien invasion? Sold! As long as it’s PG-13…” The film doesn’t seem to wish to justify itself beyond that definition


Hogg’s writing and the excellent performances maintain the feeling of control, and yet the result is what you might call one of the most realistic British films in recent years. It shows a world that feels undocumented: that is, both the beautiful surroundings of the archipelago and the discord that comes between the siblings vacationing there

Mozilla Firefox 4

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is here – developed for tab-loving fiends and synchronisation obsessives