York Sport candidates top recognition poll

A recent Nouse election poll has shown that the race for York Sport Presidency have been the most visible so far, with both Asfahani and McGladdery ranking in the top four most recognised candidates.

In a survey of 200, students were asked to name the campaigns that had attracted their attention, and who they considered most memorable.

19%: Ben McGladdery, York Sport Presidental candidate
15%: Arthur Pitt, Student Activities candidate
14%: Sam Asfahani, York Sport Presidental candidate
11%: Graeme Osborn, Academic Affairs candidate

Over the past week, McGladdery has been going round campus dressed as a dog to illustrate his ‘Top Dog’ themed campaign; while Pitt has used viral videos on YouTube and the children’s TV character ‘Arthur’ to increase his chances of election. The video has so far had over 1,100 views.

However, all Presidential candidates had only 10 per cent or under of students polled saying they had seen their campaigns. This will be worrying for those who have criticised the candidates this year for being all too similar, with none of them making a distinctive impression on the student population.

One first-year student commented that she “had seen a lot more of the Student Activities candidates around campus than the potential Presidents.” The Presidential debate which took place on Thursday was poorly attended with most of the audience being made up by the campus media reporters and other candidates.


  1. despite the lack of poster/cardboard presence on campus, the presidential candidates have been making frequent (annoying) appearances in campus JCRs, despite only 1 other student (who continued to stare at his laptop screen) and 1 member of staff being present at the time. eurgh.

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  2. Unless I’m missing something, the assertion that “the campaigns for the two candidates for York Sport Presidency have been the most visible so far” is erroneous, given that in your table of most “spotted” candidates, the second most spotted is one of the candidates for Student Activities…


  3. How was the poll taken?

    200 people online or strangers on campus with clipboards?


  4. 28 Feb ’11 at 3:13 am

    Alfred the Great

    I must confess, I entirely agree with the statistics, except maybe placing Charlie Rowley somewhere above Graeme Osborn.

    Not a clue who the other people standing for President are.