Ben McGladdery – Manifesto

McGladdery wants to make sport an essential part of “the student experience” as well as reaching out to those who have never been involved in sport before and ensuring that they participate in the wide variety of sports that the university offers. He believes that sport offered by the university should be more of a “service” so that getting involved is easy.


  • Making York Sport memberships and other sport equipment open for all students as part of accommodation and tuition.
  • Transforming “The Tent” into a more permanent structure with proper heating and air conditioning.
  • A new Body Conditioning & Weights room and Dance studio, with the possibility of more storage space as well.
  • Opening hours extending to 10pm on Saturdays and weekdays.
  • Organising more outside sponsorship to support college sport kit and equipment.
  • Ensuring that the new sports village is completed on time and that the design makes allowance for the different sports.
  • Improving service for clubs at Surridge and making sure that team merchandise is available online.