Nell Beecham & Cat Wayland

Women’s Officer

Cat is a third-year PPE student from Derwent, and Nell is a second-year Goodricke student studying Sociology.

The candidates have both been involved in many student activities: Wayland as Labour Club Chair (the first female Chair in eight years) and as well as speaking about her views at NUS conferences; Beecham has been LBGT Officer for the past year and an activist for Women’s Rights on campus.

They describe themselves as committed to their cause as both candidates have been a part of the Women’s Committee since their first terms in York. Beecham has had experience in women’s rights beyond the University, she has been involved with a “radical” women’s group in London prior becoming a student in York. Wayland has equally stated her enthusiasm, declaring that she has been “interested in women’s rights from a young age”.

Beecham and Wayland want to ensure anyone can participate in Women’s committee if they wish and provide real change through their campaigns by strengthening bonds with feminist organisations and YUSU Liberation Campaigns.

One comment

  1. Whilst this article isn’t inaccurate I’d like to point out that I am not only on the LGBT committee, but am in fact LGBT officer. In regards to being involved in a ‘radical*’ feminist group, yes I was in one, but soon realised that it wasn’t for me and that a pragmatic approach to progress is needed. I’m not discrediting this article by any means, I just don’t want to be painted in a Bindle-esc light.

    *I use the term radical by 21st Centuary standards, that is to mean a direct action campaign, not the traditional 70s feminist model.