Tempa T

Date: 4 February
Venue: Tokyo, York
Rating: *****

Tempa T’s charm is undeniable: he has tapped into phrases that would have never made it out of London, let alone to Yorkshire, who would have thought “pars” or “next hype” were previously serious gaps in our language.

Tempz as his friends know him, is something of an enigma in his music videos. He is a man with some irrational anger issues, taking out his rage even on unsuspecting kite flyers. So it was with some trepidation that I anticipated his performance in York’s, questionably renovated, Tokyo. When the man finally appeared on stage (allegedly delayed by remodelling some of York with his baseball bat) he was every bit the imposing figure I expected.

What I hadn’t predicted was how insane the crowd reaction would be; some static two fingered hand waving and some facial-contorted bass expressions were all I had predicted. But this was as sweat filled and energetic a performance as most hardcore bands.

‘Next Hype’, Tempa T’s latest single almost resembled its rampage filled video for crowd reaction it received. With the rather static confines of Tokyo’s stage, Tempa looked uncomfortably caged in shuffling up and down.

But he knows his hits and the kind of fury he can unleash with “Boy off the Ting”. It hits you completely unexpected, to the point where you find yourself shouting “BOY OFF THE TING” for several minutes at a complete stranger equally enraged.

So catch him while he is on this, uh “next hype”.