Sunday Seven: makeup tips

Vancouver film school

Imagine my surprise when I learned that, before my parents had children, they had lived a similarly hedonistic lifestyle like my own; lying in bed until noon on weekends and forgoing meals for leftover take-out. Who would have thought that it is not adulthood that values meal times and bath times and bed times but childhood.

As children, we spend most of our time pushing against our boundaries. University seemed like a beacon of freedom and responsibility of the debauched likes we could only dream of. Oh, but when that fateful day came and our parents left us with only a lifetime supply of disinfectant and a family pack of biscuits, it wasn’t quite what we expected. Lack of structure was scary.

But being bright young things, we adapted. Some of us wallowed in the slothfulness encouraged by student-life, rarely being seen during daylight while others rose to the challenge and created their own damned routine. One friend of mine has been so traumatized by the lack of schedule that she craves rules like a drug addict craves crack. Give her a time-table and she’ll be there 10 minutes early for the lectures. Tell her she absolutely must meet you by a certain time and she’ll meet you with the kettle on.

For those who aren’t quite so type-A, your Beauty Queen has provided you with a series of tips guaranteed to give some structure to your daily makeup routine. Straight from the royal court, these are the top seven:

1) Tight-lining the trend that is sweeping the beauty blogs. Apply your eyeliner (either pencil or powder) underneath your top lashes to give a more natural affect. For extra on-trend points, leave your bottom lashes naked. 

2) Use the ‘3’ technique to apply your bronzer. Take a kabuki brush (short, fat) and sweep it in a ‘3’ motion from your forehead, up onto your cheekbone, ending at your chin. Beautiful glow in the areas the sun naturally hits. 

3) Use hair spray to cement your makeup if you intend to make a night of it. Sure, it blocks your pores and is potentially carcinogenic but we all suffer for Ziggys and this is a surefire way to make sure your foundation parties as long as you do. 

4) For perfectly separated lashes every time, comb them out with clear mascara then apply your normal one while the clear mascara is still wet. This makes it easier to have defined eyelashes without every girl’s nightmare of clumping. 

5) To make your foundation look super natural and your skin flawless, use a vitamin spray (I like the vitamin E one from Body Shop) lightly all over your face after you’ve applied powder. It cements the makeup and smooths it out. 

6) Use a cotton bud dipped in Benefit’s Benetint and smear over your lips for a natural stain. The best way to achieve that no-makeup look of our hopes and dreams. Particularly effective if you plan to be woken up in the middle of the night and want to look your best. Not that we do that.

7) For extraordinarily yet affordably soft hair comb normal body moisturizer through it and blast with a hair dryer. Then wash out. Leave it in all night for maximum effect. Alternatively, olive oil is extremely affective as well but harder to remove.