January 2011

DeGale could lead the way in 2011

Boxing expert Graham Lilley returns, this time assessing 2011 for British boxing, in particular focusing on James Degale

Seventh heaven for Derwent as Vanbrugh brushed aside

A hat-trick from Dan Atherton helped Derwent on their way to a 7-3 hammering of Vanbrugh on Sunday morning

Goodricke razor-Sharpe as striker bags five

Goodricke’s Jon Sharpe, perhaps the stand-out performer of last term’s College Football, carried on his good form with all five of his side’s goals as they trounced Alcuin

Rawlings brace fails to prevent workmanlike Halifax

Halifax narrowly overcame perennial underdogs Wentworth 3-2, thanks to goals from skipper Tom Ragan, Mark Lund and Conor Brennan

Langwith earn first point with 1-1 draw

A goal from Andy Hutt meant Langwith earned their first points of the term in a 1-1 draw with James

The Movements: Expressionism

It’s difficult to look at a piece of work and immediately pinpoint its genre as Expressionist – anything from Edvard Munch’s The Scream to Wassily Kandinsky’s geometric extravaganzas seem to be grouped under this umbrella

Overtaking the iPad

This is the year of the tablet computer. Apple and Samsung tried to get ahead of the game late last year with the iPad and Galaxy Tab respectively, and didn’t do too badly in securing a market. Apple will of course never have a problem peddling any of its crap to its swathes of drones out there, but Samsung failed fairly miserably

Band of the Week: Faith No More

Resident sound-nerd Tom Killingbeck thumbs through reams of musty vinyl so you don’t have to. Here are his weekly recommendations…

Facing crossroads in Cairo

While embassies and corporations begin preparations to remove citizens and foreign workers from Egyptian soil, journalists and cameras flood to the streets of Cairo

The Sunday seven: eye liners

A friend of mine gave me a valuable piece of advice: don’t ask questions you don’t want to hear the answers to


With Hereafter, Clint Eastwood joins Ron Howard, Peter Weir, Paul Haggis and Edward Zwick as a multiple-Academy Award winner or nominee whose latest film is not really a part of the awards circus this year, despite having an awards season release date

The Dilemma

Ron Howard’s latest film is premised on what is essentially schoolboy banter: whether or not a guy (Vince Vaughn) ought to tell another guy (Kevin James) that his wife is cheating on him