Leighton Meester named face of Missoni

Gossip Girl actress consolidates her position as style icon

Leighton Meester, know best for her role as ‘Queen Bee’ Blair Waldorf in New York teen TV sensation Gossip Girl, has recently been dubbed as the new face of Italian fashion house Missoni. No newcomer in the modelling world, having already secured contracts with Vera Wang staring as the face of their fragrance advertisement due to be launched in Summer 2011, and face of cosmetic brand Herbal Essences, Meester is rumoured to have already made over $2 million from the deals. By working for Missoni, famous for its knitwear, its play with hypnotic geometric patterns and colourful stripes and experiments with various materials such as wool, rayon and silk, Meester is not straying far from her on screen character, who as daughter of a fashion designer, has unlimited access to a high-end fashion wardrobe.

Celebrity fan sites and bloggers alike have speculated a friendly rivalry between Meester and Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively who has had equal attention in the fashion scene, being named as the face of Chanel bags five days before Meester’s role was announced. Even the New York Post quoted a source they received about Meester’s work with Vera Wang expressing the rumoured rivalry between the stars, “This is a huge deal for a young star and one that will turn some of Leighton’s Gossip Girl castmates green with envy.” So is this what new the Hollywood celebrity life is all about? Who can secure the biggest ad campaign with the most exclusive fashion house? Let’s just hope that their success in reeling in the designers reflects their hunger for achievement in the competitive world of TV and film and doesn’t diminish their quality of acting.


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