Google’s hit list

You all know Google as the wonderful search engine that became a household name. What you may not know, is that Google has it in for just about every other major company online. Where there is money, the sprawling mass of Google is sure to follow. So here, to keep you up to date, is Google’s Hit List.

1. Facebook

The contender to Google’s crown, Facebook is the web’s second largest site. This clash of the titans started when Facebook announced that it would not be allowing Google to index its rapidly growing list of user generated content. Facebook claimed this was due to privacy concerns, but regardless of reason, this did not sit well with the search engine. This, among other issues, gives Facebook the number one spot.

To kill off Facebook, rumours of a new social networking project, titled “Google Me,” have been both confirmed and denied by Google at different times. Whether the project is real or not, we can be sure that a social network is something Google is considering, and it would relish the opportunity to beat Facebook at its own game.

2. Microsoft

Number two on the list is Bill Gate’s empire. Google has long since been chipping away at Microsoft territory, firstly by beating MSN to becoming the most used search engine. Since then, Google has introduced Gmail to replace Hotmail, launched its superfast browser Chrome to compete with Internet Explorer, and remained both completely unfazed and undamaged by the huge advertising campaign that launched the “Google-killer,” Bing.

This week Google continued their aggression by announcing the upcoming release of a Google Chrome laptop. The Chrome operating system is designed primarily for web based activities, and will now start to contest Windows’ use in laptops and netbooks.

3. Apple

Interestingly, the Android OS that runs nearly all smartphones, is Google made. However, Apple has refused it from the very beginnings of its iPhone, and has succeeded in securing its position as market leader. Google has since gone about trying to amend the situation by collaborating with Apple rivals, HTC, in making the Google Phone, but to little success. Be certain that Google will return to take another stab at mobile phone production soon.

4. Twitter

Twitter, unlike Facebook, does allow Google to index its material, but that doesn’t make them safe. It would seem that whenever a new company strikes success, Google is there to try and improve on it. In this case, Google quickly launched Google Buzz to try and steal some of the madly tweeting users. However, Buzz failed miserably, and Google are still licking their wounds, making Twitter a sure target for the hit list.

5. Amazon

Amazon’s latest success has been the revolutionary eBook reader, Kindle. It’s their bestselling product ever, and the bookstore that compliments it is ever growing with titles new and old. With success like this, it should come as no surprise that this week Google also announced their new Google eBookstore. This collection of over 3 million books is compatible with all eBook readers, meaning that Amazon can no longer be certain of Kindle users’ future business. It’s also now not unlikely that Google will launch an alternative eBook reader over the next year.

So yes, to answer your question, Google has fingers in all the pies. The good news is that this fierce competition can only be beneficial for us as consumers, as companies tirelessly compete to outdo each other. And, while I’ve made Google out to be a bit of a monster here, I’d like to just add I that genuinely admire their constant innovation. Check out their introduction to the new eBookstore, and then tell me they aren’t helping to drive already great things forward. I’m just looking forward to seeing what they will try next.


  1. 9 Dec ’10 at 9:18 pm

    Someone with even the slightest knowledge of the world of mobile devices

    Wow. You really expect anyone to take a tech blog seriously when they say that the iPhone runs Android?


  2. 9 Dec ’10 at 9:28 pm

    Someone with even the slightest knowledge of the world of mobile devices

    Also, Twitter IS Indexed by Google. As is some of Facebook.


  3. “The android OS that runs nearly all smartphones, including the iPhone”.
    The iPhone does not run android you ignoramus; it runs ios, a cut down version of Mac OSX. It has nothing to do with android.


  4. 9 Dec ’10 at 10:59 pm

    Jonathan Frost

    First off, hands up on the iPhone/Android mistake, my apologies. Early days, I think ignoramus is perhaps a little harsh.

    Secondly, “Twitter, unlike Facebook, does allow Google to index its material.” I know- I said so in my article. As for facebook, a very small amount of content is listed, but none of the user generated stuff such as status updates.

    Thanks for the feedback.


  5. 10 Dec ’10 at 12:25 am

    Someone with even the slightest knowledge of the world of mobile devices

    My apologies for having misread the Twitter thing. I was so enraged by the iPhone issue that I couldn’t see straight.

    Just another little thing – Android came out almost two years after the first iPhone, so “Apple has refused it from the very beginnings of its iPhone” isn’t true.


  6. Jon,

    stop trying to look innocent infront of us, we simply couldn’t care. and when you are doing that, try to avoid being so vague in your comments. were this a proper tech article, you could have been specific in the first place….

    you are henceforth banned from using jpeg files. especially in a computing article.


  7. 10 Dec ’10 at 1:17 pm

    Jonathan Frost

    Thanks for your concern haha. And I didn’t add the jpeg.


  8. @ n

    Please don’t use “we” referring that you represent a group of people – you alone are passing judgement.

    Instead, offer some constructive debate, or better still, if you believe that you have a greater knowledge of technology go and contribute a piece to one of the papers. Any child can throw insults around and make silly statements (“you are henceforth banned..”). I’m sure you would be taken more seriously if you did so.



  9. 10 Dec ’10 at 4:29 pm

    Jonathan Frost

    @ all.

    In all seriousness, thanks for picking up on my tragic mistake. It’s something I’ll never do again.

    However, I’d be far more interested to hear your thoughts on Google’s latest expansions. What are your thought’s on Google’s new Chrome OS? Will it be successful? Do you think users are ready for a far more web based experience?


  10. Great article. It’s a shame that jealousy can obscure someone’s judgement.

    @ ‘Someone with even the slightest knowledge of the world of mobile devices’, ‘If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang. ~Charley Reese


  11. @n

    JPEG is a perfectly acceptable format to use here. If you’re going to be a tech snob there are better things you could do it on (but it would still be boring).