Curzon launch first ever ‘on demand’ film service

With rapid advances in technology cinema has been under threat. reports on Curzon Cinema’s new venture, allowing you to watch new releases online

Curzon Cinema’s new ‘on demand’ service sees cinema moving in new directions. ‘Curzon on Demand’, will allow customers to stream movies on the day of their theatrical release for a small fee (£4, or £3.50 for members), from the comfort of their own homes. What makes Curzon’s new venture all the more exciting is that if you have a fast enough internet connection, you will be able to stream these films in full HD quality.

Curzon Cinemas have merged with leading UK independent film distribution group Artificial Eye, to offer a library of over three hundred films. Their ‘on demand’ service allows the company to combat problems with physical distribution, whilst hoping to engage a larger audience. Curzon Cinemas do not just seek to broadcast film from their website though; planning to offer online premieres and special events such as talent Q&As, which will seek to encourage interactivity.

Chief Executive of Curzon Artificial Eye, Philip Knatchbull has commented that “its a totally new service that has never been provided before by a UK cinema operator, and we can use the technology to provide out audiences with a whole range of benefits” adding that “this really is an exciting opportunity for us to continue to be at the centre of bringing independent film to the widest possible audience”.

The service is set to revolutionise the world of art-house film, making foreign and independent film much more accessible and widely recognised. Those who have found themselves searching endlessly for hard-to-get-hold-of copies of films with limited distribution, will no longer need to worry, for as well as offering the latest releases, Curzon Cinemas are in the process of uploading the Artificial Eye back catalogue onto the site, to offer a more comprehensive art-film experience.

Curzon Cinemas are the first company to adapt themselves to the new and changing ways we consume media, representing a watershed moment in the world of film distribution. Many cinemas have found themselves in recent times losing out on sales due to the increase in illegal online downloads, hopefully this new on demand service will act to counter this trend in some way, and act as a revitalising force for independent film.

Curzon’s on demand service will launch on the 10th December, with Mathieu Amalric’s burlesque comedy On Tour, winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes 2010, and the award-winning British drama In Our Name.

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