College JCRC election results 2010/11

Image credit: Michael Brunsden

Image credit: Michael Brunsden

Click on each link to read full and comprehensive coverage of the individual college JCRC election results. Updated after each results announcement.

Goodricke College JCRC results:

Vanbrugh College JCRC results:

Derwent College JCRC results:

Halifax College HCSA results:

Langwith College JCRC results:

Alcuin College JCRC results:


  1. Are you publishing the other colleges?

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  2. Sorry, how long does it take to put results up!

    It’s been nearly a week since the Langwith results for a start, they’ve been up on the Yorker for a few days.

    Alcuin results were on Friday.

    What has happened to this paper????

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  3. 12 Dec ’10 at 1:06 pm

    A little less impatient

    “What has happened to this paper????” It has improved if anything. I don’t remember them specifically covering all hustings and results for the last few years, at least.

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  4. 12 Dec ’10 at 2:31 pm

    Jeremy Paxman

    I agree. It makes you wonder what the point of Nouse is if not to cover major international news stories like the Langwith JCRC elections.

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  5. “Jeremy Paxman” – you’re actually right – it’s not the role of Nouse to cover “Premier League Managers” or google – it’s to report on what happens on campus, be it through the University, YUSU or the Colleges.

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  6. 12 Dec ’10 at 9:55 pm

    "what happens on campus, be it through the University, YUSU or the Colleges"

    hmmm yesssss and we all now how thrilling that can be don’t we?!

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  7. @Impatient

    So the platform you choose to criticise Nouse for not reporting on the goings-on on campus is a piece about the goings-on on campus?

    Good tactic.

    What I would say to you is be grateful for what you have, the media at York is superb – trust me, google other universities’ papers – but if you think you can improve it why don’t you do something about it like get in touch with the relevant people, instead of just criticising from the sidelines.

    As for having a go at other sections, “Premier League Managers”/”Google”, that’s just ridiculous.

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  8. 13 Dec ’10 at 10:04 am

    Not so YUMmy now

    In the UGM recently proposed by Chris Young, he stated that: “The YUM societies provide, through website hits and readership numbers, greater access to Union activities than the formal institutions such as UGMs.”

    Yet, Nouse can’t even be bothered to update college election results that happened a week ago…. Results that The Yorker have had up for quite a while…

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  9. Not so YUMmy now, rather than complain why don’t you do something about it? I’m sure if you submitted a write up then it could be published by someone somewhere.

    As for the YUM point, do you see these results anywhere on the YUSU website? They aren’t on the York Vision site either.

    Also, Chris Young’s point that information on YUM websites is more accessed than through people attending UGMs can be translated to this context too: you came to campus news websites for the information rather than attending the JCRC results announcements.

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