Derwent JCRC hustings

Derwent JCRC Hustings saw an excellent turnout earlier this week as the position of chair was contested for the first time in five years, with candidates Matt Jenkins and Freddy Harris running

Derwent JCRC Hustings saw an excellent turnout earlier this week as the position of chair was hotly contested between second-year candidates Matt Jenkins and Freddy Harris.

Matt Jenkins, a former sponsorship rep, said “we need more diversity and more non alcoholic events” and pushed forward policies of increased interaction with freshers and improving the integration of Eden’s court.

Freddy Harris stated that he was, “really passionate about Derwent” and suggested policies of streamlining the JCRC, making sure freshers are adequately represented and ensuring the future of Derwent as the best college on campus.

The position for vice-chair was also hotly contested with three pairs running for the position, whilst ordinary reps saw the liveliest battle of the evening.

Holly Burton, current Derwent Chair commented: “Hustings is always a great opportunity for students to see why they would, or wouldn’t, want to vote for candidates

“With the majority of positions contested, candidates have gone all out in campaigning and trying to impress at hustings – the ordinary member debate definitely being one of the highlights! Also with chair and vice-chair hotly contested this year it’s going to be interesting to see who gets to run Derwent in 2011.”

Voting opened at 9:00 on Wednesday the 1st of November and the results will be announced on Friday the 3rd of November at 7:30 in D Bar.

Positions and Candidates

Chair: Matt Jenkins, Freddy Harris
Vice Chair: Ben Woolley and Greg Brocklehurst; Miranda Reilly and Natalie Jones; Tash Cutts and Harriet Evans
Treasurer: Amy Robertson
Secretary: Alison Wise and Alex Stewart
Welfare Reps: Stephanie Hill and Alex Miles; Charlotte Jackson and Max Schrijnen
RAG Reps: Leonie Blakeway and Eliza Ackland; Jenni Coles and Jess Bird; Beth and Lucy
Visual Entertainment Reps: Krishna Yellappa and David Kirk; Edward Schwitzer and Sam Colclough
Sponsorship Reps: Milly Carlson and Harry Moss; Katy Tinman and Kate Bowden
International Reps: Federica Turner and Milana Knezevic
Ents Reps: Paul Kelly, Jet Vevers, Sophy Bullard and Amy Moss; Franchesca Knight, Conor Scanlan; Harry Pampiglione and Izzy Pratt
Edens Court Reps: Amy Ratcliffe and Kitty Tester
Bar Reps: Ellen Blake, Alex Szepietowski, Katherine Hannah, Ric Morris
Ordinary Members: Sakina Sheikh; Andy Pickard; Tommy Staite; Catherine Gobert-Jones
Press and Publicity Reps: Penny Longstaffe and Harriet Mills; Tor Richards; Oliver Brown and Daniel Corne
Campaigns officers: Zoe Lederman and Bradley Lineker
Merchandise Reps: Camilla Dutton and Fiona Christie; Sarah Harris and Ellie Chalk; Tim Parkin and Jamie Criswell
LGBT Reps: Baxter Willis
Sports Reps: Kat Redmond, Margaret Edwards, Joe Boughtflower, Oscar Wimshurst

One comment

  1. Quite a few innacuracies here – It’s not the first contested chair for 5 years, Both Joe Rankin (chair before Holly) and Oliver Lester (before Joe) were contested, even if it was only a jokey first year running against Joe.

    There were also only 3 pairs running for Vice Chair, not 4 as you state in the body of the article.

    Whilst I really appreciate you going to the effort to publicise this, I don’t see how such basic factual errors can arise.