Further campus expansion plans unveiled

Image: University of York

Image: University of York

Planning permission has been granted by City of York Council for a further expansion of the Heslington East campus.

The new building will be a dedicated socialising and dining space for students living on the new campus, and has been called by O’Neill Associates, the University’s planning agents, “the future hub of social activity for the campus.”

The building will be the first part of the second expansion of the Heslington East development, which will also include a swimming pool with attached sports facilities, although permission is still pending approval from the council planning committee. These buildings will be placed around a second square, which will form a second nucleus at the new site.

Designed by ADP Architecture, the building itself will have two floors: a ground floor and a mezzanine floor, and will be designed for use not only as a dining and socialising space, but will also have areas intended for informal study.

In the planning application submitted to the council, O’Neill Associates said: “The ground floor is divided into two areas, the ‘front of house’ containing a bar area, informal dining facilities and public toilets and the ‘back of house’ area containing kitchen area, staff offices and food, drink and equipment storage space.”

The building has an estimated completion date of September 2011 and when finished should have a maximum capacity of 400 people across the various facilities. When completed it is intended to serve as a space for all residents of the new campus and alleviate the need to come to the old campus for social and dining areas.

The building’s planned hours of operation will be 12pm on week days and 6pm on weekend until eleven o’clock every night, although food will only be served up until 8.30 pm.

With regard to the design of the new building, O’Neill Associates have said that: “The external appearance of the building has been designed using a similar palette of materials to that which has been successfully applied to the buildings across Cluster 1. The materials will consist of a mixture of clear glass panelling, coated aluminium, painted render and treated timber cladding.”

Jon Meacock, project director of the Heslington East expansion, also stated: “We are also developing plans for a Biomass Combined Heat and Power Energy Centre.” However, the York council planning website says that planning permission is still pending for this development.


  1. Roger Kirk Centre 2.0?


  2. Basically. Similarish size but looking like the rest of Hes East..

    Surprised when it says starting at 12pm every day – no breakfast on the new half of campus?

    Good to see it should all be finished by 9/11


  3. 4 Dec ’10 at 3:26 pm

    Ricky Ponting's unbearable sense of ennui

    the real 9/11!