December 2010

The Way Back

Poor Peter Weir – after a string of critical successes, there’s now a level of expectation applied to his films that, in comparison to other directors, is extraordinarily high

Of Gods and Men

“Men never do evil so freely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction”, reads Luc, the doctor of the isolated monastic village in which Of Gods and Men is set. A statement which the film will in many ways prove correct

Lest We Forget

As the year comes to a close, Tom Killingbeck reflects on the heroes of the musical world lost in the last twelve months

Celebrity influence makes a farce of politics

Does the pandering of politics to popular culture serve to increase public interest, or merely make a mockery of the system?

Vince Cable needs to face the music

It can’t have been a very merry Christmas in the Cable household this year. Despite proving himself surprisingly light of foot in his star turn on the Boxing Day edition of ‘Strictly come Dancing’, such smooth moves would have come in far handier when considering the appropriateness of a “declaration of war” on the Murdoch empire

The darker side of education

The values of education are continually celebrated within our society, but as the recent “crossbow cannibal” case has shown, such knowledge is not always used for noble means

Band of the Week: The Raveonettes

Resident sound-nerd Tom Killingbeck thumbs through reams of musty vinyl so you don’t have to. Here are his weekly recommendations…

One million books

The gift of literacy is quite unlike any other – something that is sadly not as widespread as one would hope, nor is it always made the most of by those who possess it. The night of 5 March 2011 will be a date which could not only help change that, but which also marks the beginning of what could be a great event for many years to come

Black Swan – Reviving the Art of the Promo Poster

Gareth Davies investigates how Black Swan’s striking set of promotional posters could perhaps signal a rebirth of the movie poster as a legitimate art form

Tron: Legacy

As a Christmas blockbuster, Tron: Legacy comes as a bit of a surprise. The original, after all, had a somewhat limited appeal, and one that’s hard to transpose to 2010


It was in 2003 that Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter Sofia emerged as a major new director with her second film, Lost in Translation

Prisoners deserve to be disenfranchised

Do prisoners really deserve a voice in the system that they rejected?