August 2010

Should we judge the accused as harshly as we are?

Henry Cowen investigates the allegations of spot-fixing within the recent Test match at Lord’s and questions whether we are really in a position to judge those accused

To the left, or to the right?

In recent weeks the Labour leadership race has slowly but surely began to gather some pace. Unsurprisingly, the Miliband brothers have begun to emerge as front runners

YUSU club loyalty should not dictate fresher nightlife

In one of his first steps as the newly elected Democracy and Services Officer, Dan Walker has stated that the club landscape here at York is to take a “pretty dramatic turn”

Campus Cuisine

Listen my children and you shall hear Of a fable about food and fear. On the 7th of October in…

University of York publishes proposal to cut transport emissions by 76%

The Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York has published a new study outlining ways in which transport emissions could be significantly reduced

Toy Story 3

“Whaaat? The Gypsy Kings version?” queries Chris Evans as the Spanish Octet’s ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ blares from his Radio 2 show. Well amigos, all becomes clear upon viewing Pixar’s latest offering, the atomic bomb of action that is Toy Story 3

The harshness of modern youth

As amusing as much of the commentary on A Level results day was, a plethora of comedians and bloggers getting plenty of laughs out of the fact that the papers and TV cameras have a unhealthy focus on the ecstatic and leaping pretty blonde girls who’re off to climb the social mobility ladder at Oxbridge, it did mask what was actually a thoroughly bad day for many of the most vulnerable people our society has

Music in York: The Nouse Fresher’s Guide

So you’ve got into York. You probably got lots of A’s. Nice one. Be happy – it’s a respectable university, despite its duck shit and dystopian architecture that calls to mind low-budget 60’s sci-fi rather than a seat of learning

University transfer Goodricke College to private company in multi million pound deal

The University of York have formed a joint venture with Evans Property Group to own and run the newly built Goodricke College accommodation on Heslington East

Universities fail to improve student satisfaction levels

A National Student Survey report has shown that universities have failed to improve student satisfaction levels since tuition fees almost trebled in 2006

Studying Abroad

7pm. I’m sitting on a sun bed on a rooftop. A clear blue sky all around. In the distance, city…

A Student’s Introduction to the University of York

While on first glance the University of York may not appear the most picturesque of campuses, by the end of…