Men arrested over knife crimes

Two men from York have been arrested following a local incident on Saturday, resulting in the discovery of a dangerous weapon.

After receiving an alert from a civilian who had seen a man with a knife in the surrounding area, armed police arrived at the Walmgate and Fossgate junction to restrain two men and a woman having an openly verbal dispute.

The two locals were arrested, one of them having been found in the possession of a knife, classed as an offensive weapon by the authorities.

New YUSU Welfare Officer, Laura Borisovaite, has told Nouse: “York is a comparatively safe city, but everyone should always take great care when travelling on foot, bike or car whether during the day or at night time.

“We would strongly encourage students to use the late night provisions such as the late bus from town and YUSU magic bus service, as well as taxis and the security escort service.”

No one was injured during the course of the incident, which has been described as “very rare” by a North Yorkshire Police spokesman.

Last week’s arrests follows an attack earlier this term on a student from the University of York in front of the Shell Garage on Hull Road.

Chris Watson-Shaw, a second-year student living on Lawrence Street, said: “I do not feel particularly vulnerable where I live, but students do have to be aware of that kind of risk when they’re walking home from University.”

A female student living in the Tang Hall area, however, has voiced her concern: “I’m scared about walking home at night because I might get stabbed! The University can’t really do anything about local people, so it’s the responsibility of the local police to make students feel safe.”

Borisovaite continued: “As this particular incident happened during the day, we advice students to remain vigilant and be aware of their surroundings at all times, for example, avoiding hindering any of their senses by wearing earphones, watching videos or texting, whilst travelling. If they witness an incident or become alarmed, they should contact the authorities, as was done in this case.”

First-year student India Boddy has commented: “I feel that the University is safe because it’s quite a small community, but if it’s someone you know then it feels a lot worse and closer to you.”


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