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This is the moment that I didn’t notice was approaching until it hit me. But leaving the Nouse office for the last time in my role as technical director a few days ago, it felt a tinge different.

Things you don’t realise you have until they’re gone – being part of a larger effort, working with dedicated and banterous people.

All sorts of metaphors that come to mind right now seem rubbish and not quite accurate (calcium deposits on teeth, anyone?), so I’ll just leave it there, but suffice it to say a light, well aimed punch would be enough to send me into a ball of tears right now.

Nouse web was in a strong position when I received it a year ago, and I’m happy to have pushed it further (hopefully in the right direction), and am equally pleased to see Andrew stepping up now to push it further again.

Each techie has a unique skill-set and background; mine, Chris’ and Andrew’s are all different and having seen Andrew effortlessly trump me on aesthetics a few times already, I’m looking forward to seeing what his unique flavour will bring to the mix.

Thanks to Team Web, past and present. Sara and Nanki are the real unsung heroes of Nouse – their anonymity to work ratio in getting articles online is staggering. The power houses that are Sport and Arts deserve special mention, but that must not detract from the huge amount of work done by all sections and their writers. It is testament to your articles that such a vibrant community has built up around the site.

Thanks to everyone for commenting. As with my realisation earlier on leaving the office, you the commenters are part of what I am attached to. You provide insight and clarification, zeal. Many won’t need telling, but to our more passive readers, do consider using it.

Thanks to Charlotte and Laura for putting up with me and for all the great work you do. Thanks again to Chris for helping out many times over the year, both pointing out problems and patiently helping when I was out of my depth.

Finally, here are the top 10 most visited articles this term. There were about 600 articles published this term – that’s too much for a basic Facebook stats lookup, but hopefully I’ll find out and add a comment for that later.

10. 2,348 pageviews,  66 comments Roses 2010: Friday – As it happened
09. 2,469 pageviews,  27 comments Derwent and Alcuin paired in College Cup group stages
08. 2,545 pageviews,  74 comments York Hornets win BCA Midlands competition
07. 2,628 pageviews,   8 comments Roses 2010 LIVE: Sunday
06. 2,704 pageviews, 117 comments YUSU website unable to cope with demand for ‘SinneD’
05. 2,718 pageviews,  40 comments Big D ‘SinneD’ promo video launched
04. 3,299 pageviews,  26 comments University of York ranked ninth in The Times Good University Guide
03. 3,518 pageviews, 118 comments Hockey Club fined following initiation video
02. 3,547 pageviews,  76 comments Roses 2010 Saturday – How it happened
01. 7,026 pageviews, 162 comments Top 50 short-list announced

And with that, here’s goodbye.