July 2010

Club Salvation suffers large scale fire damage

A fire broke out in the smoking area of the Club Salvation this morning, beginning just after the club closed at 4am

Claudia Lawrence investigation to be significantly scaled down

The number of officers involved in the Claudia Lawrence investigation is due to be significantly reduced, as well as the amount of resources allocated to the case


Jewellery curator Kath Libbert discusses her latest exhibition

The Nazca Lines

After a couple of hours bus ride from Huaccuchina, we arrived in Nazca early in the evening

1:1 – Architects Build Small Spaces

It is said that ‘interactive art’ is for children. After a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s current exhibition 1:1 – Architects Build Small Spaces, I can only beg to differ

A World Observed

A World Observed is the first major retrospective of London- based photographer Dorothy Bohm, now widely recognised as one of the doyennes of British photography

Tears, drama and controversy. The 2010 Tour de France review

Jake Farrell looks back on the 2010 Tour de France. It brought us drama and controversy and, as the weary cyclists rest for another year, Jake reflects on arguably the greatest race in the world

Sandboarding in Huacachina

Firstly, apologies for the delay between this blog entry and the last. I’ve managed to fall off a bike and…

Child protection needs to address all age brackets

I could argue that the University’s findings on child protection tell us what we already know: abused children are still going unnoticed, there are not enough resources to protect them and that there will always be those who fall through the cracks

‘Waverun’ set to expand to the global market

“Waverun”, the promotional text message service set up by York students, is said to be planning to expand into the global market

A series of unfortunate events featuring the English department

I have an image in my head of a notice board in each department containing a list of students with a strike across their names, warning tutors to avoid any and all communication

Important new research uncovered at York

Research conducted by the University of York has made regional and national news this week