Top 50 short-list announced

Nominations for the Nouse Top 50 closed at 12 midday today. This is the short-list, along with a brief about the nominees and the categories in which they have been nominated. Some of the descriptions are longer than others, due to the amount of information Nouse was sent about the nominee. Where possible, all the briefs have been taken directly from the emails sent to Nouse. All nominations are taken directly and only from emails sent to [email protected]

Voting for the Nouse Top 50 is now open. We would like you to vote for your top five people from the short-list in order of preference. As before, all votes should be sent to [email protected] Alternatively, you can come and see us at Vanbrugh Stalls between 12 and 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (Week Seven), where you will have the chance to vote by ballot. Please remember to vote for those in the list which you feel have made a real, positive difference to University life at York, and who may not recieve recognition in other areas.

The final 50 will be picked via Single Transferable Vote, and will appear in a special supplement in the final edition of Nouse this term, in Week Nine.

N.B. Please note that some nominations have been removed, because they do not fit the definition of those who are applicable for nomination i.e. still contributing to student life, as an undergraduate, post-graduate, University/Union employee or staff member. If you have any concerns regarding this, please send an email to [email protected]

Alex Allison Student Activities
Alex was recently elected as Editor of The Lemon Press, which was nominated for an NUS award last week. He is described as “having been one of the driving forces behind the magazine’s innovative ways of attracting public attention to itself.” He has also been a great supporter of Halifax College all year, and was recently elected University Senate Representative. He is also the current Secretary for Poetry Society.

Jane Anness Students
The Bar and Catering Manager for Vanbrugh and Derwent has been praised for helping URY with a number of issues this year, preventing Derwent refurbishment from affecting Big D, and from stopping Vanbrugh refurbishment from affecting Woodstock, displaying an acute sensitivity to student issues.

Camilla Apcar Student Activities
First-year English and History of Art student Camilla has truly thrown herself into University life, firstly as Deputy Comment Editor of Nouse, and secondly as creator and founder of the fastest growing society on campus, HP Muggle Soc.

James Askew Student Activities
James is one of the heads of Kids’ Club, and he has been “crucial in its rising profile.” He is cited as giving “an incredible amount of time for Kids’ Club, as well as Kids’ Camp.”

Rizuan Azhar Charity and Volunteering
Rizuan ran the hugely successful Kilimanjaro trip last year, and is running the Everest trip this year. He is said to spend his time dedicated to tasks “without much thanks!”

James Robert Ball Societies and Entertainment
James was the Musical Director for High School Musical and Rent last year.

Richard Barker Student Activities
York Come Dancing dancer Richard is praised for his commitment to dramatic productions… and his “impressive hair”.

Hannah Barwick-Walters Sport
The York Hornet Cheerleading President founded the club last year and has proved a great success, with over 50 cheerleaders now contributing to the club. Hannah also led the team in becoming National Champions this year.

Gus Beamish-Cook Student Activities
Gus has been nominated for his contribution to the English Anthology, pioneering radio work, “outre fashion sense”, and “energising of York’s music scene.” He has been dubbed a “sexy man” with a “powerful beard”, and an influential flair for fashion.

Lydia Blundell Student Activities
Lydia has been nominated for her hard work in improving life for “a lot of Halifax students, including surveying all Halifax undergraduates and fighting to increase the provision of study space in Halifax.”

Will Booth Student Activities
Will has been described as a “campus fashionista”. His contributions to both Haus and Fusion are well-documented, and he also made an appearance on Have I Got News For York last term.

Lewis Bretts Student Activities and Entertainment
The YUSU Democracy and Services Officer is said to have worked “tirelessly in the interest of students” this year. His successes have been cited as involving many popular events, a successful deal with the Salvation nightclub and the move of YUSU’s funds to the ethical Co-Op bank.

Kelly Briggs Student Activities
Kelly has been praised for being the “best Vice-Chair” of Langwith… “ever!”

Jonathan Brockbank Academic
English and Politics tutor Jonathan is described as giving “the best lectures ever”, which have involved Medieval ballads, violin playing and Bob Dylan records. One email added: “Oh, and he has a biscuit break during seminars.”

Anna Bucks Societies
Anna was YUM Chair last year, and is described as “one of the most dedicated students in a voluntary YUSU position that I’ve ever seen.” Anna was “dedicated, fought for the media whenever necessary, built up links between the media and the top levels of YUSU and encouraged better communication and liason between the different media outlets.” Anna is also praised for working for the improved well-being of students who work in the media, by organising seminars and workshops to help them run their societies effectively and safely.

Holly Burton Student Activities
It is said that you “won’t find Holly slacking.” She is described as an extremely dedicated Derwent Chair and RAG member.

Andy Chan Student Activities
Andy was Alcuin’s Bar rep last year, and was instrumental to “re-inventing and saving” B Henry’s. He is now the Vice-Chair for Business and Services, which involved redoing the website and “keeping Alcuin buzzing.”

Neil Chauhan Student Activities
Neil has been cited as an active member of Derwent College, in addition to involving himself in University Basketball, Eco Soc, and York Apprentice.

Iszi Chew Student Activities
Iszi has worked tirelessly throughout the year as RAG Vice-Chair, helping to organise many College Level events and playing a prominent role in the success of RAG Week. She has also organised stewarding for RAG-supported events such as York Comes Dancing and Fusion.

Ali Clark Societies
Ali is described as “one of the unsung heroes of Nouse“, who works incredibly hard to make the website consistently reliable. He has worked to design the hugely popular Fantasy Football and maintain the Nouse live blogs.

David Clarke Student Activities
David has been praised for his Environment and Ethics commitments, when persuading the University to sign up to 10:10, improving the YUSU environmental standing, and moving the YUSU accounts from RBS to Co-op.

Leigh Clarke Sport
As one half of Nouse‘s Sports Editor duo, Leigh has displayed a consistent passion and commitment to sport and sports writing across campus, and was one of the masterminds behind Nouse‘s popular Roses coverage and Fantasy Football.

Iain Cooke Societies and Entertainment
Iain has been part of YSTV for five years now and has made a massive behind the scenes contribution to the society. He has been a major contributor to Roses and Election coverage and is a great asset to the society.

Laura Connor Student Activities
Emails have stated that “Laura has worked tirelessly as Nouse Deputy Editor, writing many stories, comment pieces and reviews whilst also being consistently helpful to anyone wishing to get involved with the society. During the year she has also volunteered for READ International, helping to boost their profile on campus and was a founding member of Cheesy Pop Soc… she has now had the idea of setting up YUM Youth.”

Claire Cornock Welfare
Claire is said to have achieved “so much” with the Disability Committee this year, and has fought hard to improve accessibility for all students on campus.

Matt Cornock Societies and Entertainment
Seen as the technical mastermind behind York Come Dancing, Matt is praised for making the hugely successful campus event “run properly”. He is said to have “worked tirelessly to put the video sequences together.”

Victoria Coulson Academic
Described as “a Feminist English lecturer”, Victoria is considered unforgettably inspiring to her students.

Cesca Dessain Sport and Student Activities
Hailed as a “real life super-woman”, Cesca has been the President of Fusion this year and York Netball Social Secretary. She is also championed for her involvement in Haus, winning last year’s York Apprentice and still “always getting her essays in on time regardless…”

Katy Donovan Societies
Katy Donovan is said to have done “wonderful work” as Chair of History Soc. She is described as making “everyone feel welcome” in the society.

Rebecca Ellis Sport
Rebecca have devoted a lot of her time to Fencing and Sports writing on campus.

Tim Ellis Student Activities
Goodricke Chair Tim has been commended for “carrying on Dan Walker’s good work and securing a successful year in New Goodricke.” The recent GoodFest has been a particular highlight of his tenure so far.

Chris Etheridge Campaigns and Student Activities
Though narrowly unsuccessful in his bid to become YUSU Democracy and Services Officer, Chris was very successful in his role over the course of this year as Campaigns Officer, helping to co-ordinate many of the campaigns, including the portering campaign. Along with briefly fulfilling his role as York Tories Interim Chair, Chris is also strongly involved in York’s Christian Union.

Margaret Ferguson Academic
Margaret is an LFA tutor who has been praised for the dedication and commitment she shows to her students.

Ryan Fitzgerald Societies and Innovation
Ryan is co-founder of The Lemon Press society, which has been nominated for NUS Best Student Media this year, and has been the Editor of the magazine for the the past year. He was also recently elected Secretary for the upcoming academic year.

Rosie Fletcher Societies
Rosie’s URY show has quickly become one of the most top-rated shows at the Station, and she was highly praised across campus for single-handedly writing the pantomime Dick Whittington this year, one of Pant Soc’s most successful productions. She will be playing Robin Hood in this year’s summer pantomime, and is also one of the very few pantomime/Fusion crossover performers. Rosie is also an active member of Comedy Soc and hosts Have I Got News for York.

Tom Flynn Student Activities
Tom has once again been heavily involved in both YUSU and the GSA this year, after running the GSA Welcome Week and helping to manage their most successful elections in years. He has worked also with volunteering projects run through YUSU, volunteered on several Kids’ Clubs, and also played a prominent role in the early stages of the Kids’ Camp Working Group. He also played a strategic role in several candidates’ campaigns during the YUSU Elections.

Henry James Foy Societies
Henry has been nominated for being the ex-Editor of Nouse and Haus, and for helping with an election campaign.

Matthew Freckleton Student Activities and Innovation
Matthew has been heavily involved in the York Entrepreneurs Society – which won the ‘Society Award’ at the International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference in Edinburgh in 2009 – and is currently working on the project York Apprentice 2010.

Mark Friend Innovation
YSTV’s Mark co-produced the hugely popular comedy show Man Man, and was highly commended at this year’s NASTAs.

Oshana Gazara Students and Welfare
Oshana has been praised for his work within YUSU’s Racial Equality Committee, and the work he has done to help students

Marissa George Student Activities
Marissa is the ISA North American Rep, and organised the popular superbowl event. She hosts a URY radio show, and is described as “always a key part at events, helping out, and making people welcome.”

Edward Graham Student Activities
Edward has been praised for his leadership of both the University and Vanbrugh College Christian Union for the last three years.

Rob Grant Sport
University of York Rugby Union Football Club President Rob is seen as instrumental to the club’s achievements this year, including what is dubbed as the Roses “whitewash” where all six matches were won.

Tim Green Student Activities
Tim is described as the “really approachable” Chair of James, and very enthusiastic about his College.

Jane Grenville Students
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Students is well-known for her work with JCRCs and her efforts to ensure that the best welfare provisions are available as possible. She is also an invaluable source for the media, constantly offering advice and support. This year she performed a dance at York Come Dancing, complete with a hot-pink feather bower.

Rachel Hesselwood Charity & Volunteering
Rachel has worked as YUSU Volunteering Chair, been part of the Kids’ Camp Working Group, and contributed a lot to the local community as a Guide leader.

Dan Hewitt Sports and Societies
A previous member of Vision‘s editorial team, Dan is a popular element of Vanbrugh football, and has been nominated for being “a Vanbrugh legend.”

Tom Hobohm Student Activities
Dubbed as a “legend for the freshers”, Tom has been nominated for all the work he has done this year as James Vice-Chair, and for the hard work he contributed to the Nouse Politics section last year as Politics Editor.

Emma Hodgson Sport
Emma was the captain of the Women’s Rugby Team this year, moving from being Vice-Captain in the previous year. The team have enjoyed much success under her captaincy.

Charlotte Hogarth-Jones Student Activities
Charlotte has been nominated for her commitment to a variety of student activities, including her editorship of Nouse this year, her involvement in Fusion last year, and her role in the Big D Committee.

Ashley Holding Charity & Volunteering
Ashley lead Amnesty International at York from group with just “a handful of members to being one of the most active societies on campus.” He is described as a passionate and inspirational activist on human rights issues.

Laura Horton Societies and Entertainment
Laura is described as “so involved with everything”, especially campus dramatic productions, including Rent and The Last Five Years.

Ruth Houghton Campaigns
Ruth has been described as “doing billions of behind the scenes things for campaigns at York.” She organised a private meeting with the Campaigns Committee and Chairs and York outer candidates.

Sarah Howell Societies and Entertainment
Sarah is one of the masterminds behind this year’s Rent, and was involved in both Fusion and High School Musical.

Joe Hufton Societies and Entertainment
Joe has been described as “transforming” Drama Soc under his time as Chair, with Open Drama Nights now providing a window for new members and ideas. He is also cited as forming new companies, which are now heading to Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Jane Hughes Charity & Volunteering
Jane has been an important member of Kids’ Camp Working Group this year, and has helped out the club on several occasions. She has also worked tirelessly in YUSU Volunteering, helping to organise several Mega College Challenges.

Robert Hughes Welfare
Robert is cited as putting a huge amount of effort into welfare within James College, which includes putting on extra events and helping all the members of the welfare team to contribute “all that they can”, in addition to his work with Equality, Welfare and Diversity Committee (EWD).

Ben Humphrys Students and Welfare
YUSU Welfare Officer and Academic Officer-elect Ben has been commended for all his after-hours work and dedication to students. One email said, “he might be Sabb but in a way is almost an ‘unsung hero’. ” Always placing student welfare at the forefront, Ben has been a progressive and pioneering voice for students this year.

Polly Ingham Societies
Polly has played a crucial role in Drama Soc this year, and produced the hugely successful Central Hall musical Rent.

Aleksander Jasiński Societies
The Chairman of Poetry Society has been nominated for his dedication to the role and leadership qualities.

Camilla Jenkins Societies
Camilla has been praised for her editorship of Muse this year, Nouse‘s magazine supplement. It is said that she is a commendable team leader and an inspiration to the rest of the society, and that she has made Muse this year “more accessible to students, and funny!”

Sarah Jordan Societies and Entertainment
Sarah was an important member of the Rent this year, by choreographing the production. She was also involved in a number of other campus events and productions this year, including Fusion, Grease and Sweet Charity.

Oliver Julian Student Activities
URY’s Station Manager Oliver has changed the face of the University’s radio station this year, re-inventing and re-branding the society to make it more accessible, modern and nationally competitive, and has displayed an unwavering dedication and enthusiasm to his role in URY and the work he does with Belt Up and York Theatre Royal.

Rhianna Kinchin Student Activities
It is said that, from her first month, Rhianna has fought hard for societies. One email said: “Few societies have had problems that she hasn’t been able to solve and at the same time she has had to come up with solutions for major events such as Woodstock and Kids’ Camp.”

Ryan Lane Societies and Entertainment
Popular Drama Soc member Ryan has been dubbed the “Best Drama Soc Fresher” and has been praised for his performances.

Zahra Latif Academic
Zahra is a first-year English Joint Honours Course rep/Faculty rep, described as “really supportive, helpful and understanding.”

Fiona Lavelle Student Activities
As current Editor of The Yorker, Fiona has worked hard this year to continue and improve the media outlet. She is also accredited for her dedicated role in this year’s Fusion ‘Twisted Tales’, as a choreographer and dancer.

Oliver Lester Student Activities
Known as the ‘Dumbledore of Derwent’, the previous Derwent Chair continues to work hard for his college as a college tutor, and also helped out with last year’s and this year’s Big D videos. Oliver also recently became a RAG Hitch co-ordinator

David Levene Students and Politics
As both Chair of the University Labour Club and Chair of Union Council over the last year, David has been consistently involved in the political structure of the Union, and been at the forefront of humanitarian issues, included the Hope Not Hate campaign and the Haiti and Gaza walks.

Charlie Leyland Students and Academic
Charlie has always put student issues at the forefront of her work, both as last year’s Welfare Officer and this year’s Academic Officer. This year she has led a number of successful campus initiatives, including Get Sourcey, Get Techy, and We Are Golden. The emails sent to Nouse, however, emphasise Charlie’s amiable and concerned approach, that has served to tackle academic issues at individual, personal levels, making her “much more than a Sabb…”

Jeremy Lilley Societies and Entertainment
Jeremy has displayed an “outstanding contributions to entertainment” both in Dance Soc and in his work as a Head Choreographer of Fusion 2010.

Robin Lindop Fisher Charity & Volunteering
Robin volunteers for the organisation PACT, which teams up students to mentor young people with disabilities. He has been a mentor for a young boy with cerebal palsy since his first-year, and helped the boy “realise his love of music and write an album.” From the end of this year, he will be running PACT full-time. He is said to do all of this alongside his degree, “in which he excells.”

Luke Malkin Student Activities
Luke has displayed a consistent dedication to societies across campus, and has even chaired Union Council. He successfully ran both Dancesport and York Come Dancing, an event that raised over £1,500 for RAG.

Tom Martin Welfare
As YUSU LGBT officer, Tom has been praised for working really hard at his role, and always being there “for those people who need him.” He is said to “constantly has a smile on his face and know how to make people feel welcome.”

Ben McGladdery Students
The Courtyard worker is deemed an “amazing guy” and a helpful Styc, who is always there for his Langwith Styclets.

Louise Needham Charity & Volunteering
Louise has taken over the role of York Students in Schools (YSIS) coordinator this year and has been looking forward at new ways for students to get even more out of the tutoring opportunities that are on offer from YSIS, and modernising the whole scheme. She is also responsible for other schemes, such as the Student Associates Scheme and the Aim Higher Associates Scheme. Until recently, she was a member of the Admission and Student Recruitment office and she has run a variety of events in the role.

Nightline Welfare
Nightline is defined as giving “an obscene amount of time and effort for the thankless task of helping their fellow students. They get nothing out of it and just give. What a stella bunch of people.”

Sam Newsome Societies
Sam is dedicated to his role as photographer in media societies and musical productions on campus. Sam is the photography and design powerhouse behind Nouse and Haus, whose personality is described as “a breath of fresh air” in the societies.

Lawrence Nind Student Activities
Lawrence has been praised as a “campus fashion icon” who constantly brightens up the library. He has previously been on the Alcuin JCRC and… “FitFinder”.

Liam O’Brien Societies
Liam has been praised for his work in Nouse last year as Muse Editor, when he provided the magazine with a distinct character and developed an unmatchable reputation for high quality and cutting-edge design.

Sean O’Brien Student Activities
Through the foundation and running of the York Wholly Folk and Revolutionary Society – described in one email as “a group of friendly nutters who meet around a tree on campus/bonfire on Walmgate Stray every Friday and belt out folk songs” – a little nugget of “merriment” has been brought into many people’s lives. O’ Brien is characterised as a brilliant orator and joke teller who has cultivated a musical talent, which he generously shares with others.

Graeme Osborne Academic
Described as a “personable chap”, Graeme is the Politics Board of Studies rep, the Social Sciences Faculty rep and he sits on University Senate to represent students. He’s also Treasurer of Halifax and he is cited as being “on loads of committees.”

George Papadofragakis Student Activities
George has been nominated for helping to organise the Humanitarian aid for the Haiti and Gaza walks, which raised over £5,000. He is also ISA Welfare officer and Treasurer of the Debating Society.

Harry Pearse Student Activities
Harry has been described as an “all-round Campus Top Legend” after securing a place to study at Cambridge next year and being part of Vision‘s editorial team last year.

Sophia Redgrave Societies
Sofia is hailed for her services to Haus and Nouse and “deserves a nomination soley for her efforts during all the great fashion layouts she has put so much energy into over the past two years!”

Alex Redshaw Sport
Alex is Captain of the University of York Rugby Union Football Club and is said to have overseen its most “most successful season in memory.”

Joe Regan Societies
Joe has been praised for his contribution to The Lemon Press, and for being “an innovative, talented and highly competent individual, in addition to being friendly, unassuming and brilliantly funny.” Joe has helped to bring a new dynamic to campus media and has facilitated in creating a “thriving society from nowhere.”

Hugh Richards Sport
Hugh has been cited as being “incredibly dedicated” to the Men’s Hockey Seconds’ team this year, which seems to have paid off in their results.

Marnie Richards Societies and Innovation
Marnie single-handedly founded a new campus magazine, The Yorkling, providing “a fresh opportunity for students to contribute their own work,” which “showcases new writing talents.”

Guy Rimay-Muryani Societies and Innovation
Guy is said to have “done wonderful work on HAUS magazine and on his URY show RARE.”

Jason Rose Student Activities
The question has been consistently asked: does Jason ever sleep? He is said to have worked “tirelessly for students” by bringing back gigs to Central Hall, being the Treasurer of URY for two years, and helping to organise Haiti and Gaza walks, raising over £5,000 in the process.

Charlie Rowley Student Activities
Described as “a top class geezer that everyone likes”, Charlie is a producer for Have I got News for York and now Happily Ever After Soc. Charlie is also the Cheesy Pop Soc Sponsorship Officer and the new Chair of Union Council.

Luke Sandford Campaigns
Luke has been nominated for “his brilliant work on campaigns and more!”

Emily Sargeant Societies
Emily Sargeant is reknowed for her dancing skills, and has been involved in York Come Dancing for two years; she came 11th in the 2009 show with partner Dan Taylor, but moved up to 2nd in the 2009/10 show with partner Lewis Bretts. She is now York Dancesport Team Captain.

Nick Scarlett Student Activities
Nick Scarlett, Student Activities Officer-elect, has a history of heavy involvement in student activities, from RAG Charities Liaison Officer, Kids’ Club Co-Ordinator, YUSU Volunteering Secretary and a member of Cheesy Pop Soc. His pledges as Student Activities Officer include ensuring the continuity of Kids’ Camp, moving all society admin online, autumn term RAG raids to give RAG a stronger college base and a summer opportunities fair. Nick is said to be “fun and friendly”, and “unwaveringly dedicated to everything he does.”

Maria Senso Sport
Maria is said to have “transformed” the Canoe Polo Club and turned it from a “financially unstable and unpopular club” into a successful and competitive sport. Not only is she President of the Canoe Polo Club, but also the Social Secretary of the University Canoe Club. It is said that, “unlike many societies”, Maria has organised at least one social of varying nature every week. Maria is also a driver for both clubs, meaning she is required to spend most Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays driving canoeists across Yorkshire “and beyond”.

Anna Shaw Student Activities
Anna has been described as Langwith’s “Best Secretary ever!” She also helps to produce and stage manage productions with Pant Soc.

Trevor Sheldon Students
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor for the University has been nominated for the work and commitment he has shown to students and University issues.

Adam Shergold Sport and Societies
As the other half of Nouse‘s sports editorship, Adam is a reliable, friendly and infinitely knowledgeable reporter. His passion and dedication are renowned throughout campus sports teams, and his absence from campus sports and Nouse is going to “sorely missed” when he takes up his MA at Sheffield this year.

Seishi Shimizu Academic
Seishi is a well-loved Chemistry lecturer who is seen as possessing “wonderfully eccentric philosophies and a great genuine love for all of his students.” He is described as a brilliant conversationalist and is the founder of the ‘Homeric Greek Society’, where he lectures trigonometry in the original ancient Greek, “while wearing a toga made of tweed.”

Luke Smalley Sport
As Captain of Canoe Club, Luke is cited as expanding the club “despite receiving the lowest grant the club has ever had”, and introducing the sport to people all over campus. In his time at York, Luke has been Canoe Polo President, Press and Publicity Officer, Captain of Canoe Club, and now Canoe Club Safety Officer.

Alex Smith Sport
As Vanbrugh Rugby Captain, Alex has been a major driving force behind the expansion and continued success of the College Rugby League, and he organised a College Barbarians game. He is also an active member of the York University Cricket Club.

Helen Smith Academic
English tutor Helen is described as an inspiration to students, and has provided a powerful feminist voice in the department.

Danielle Spears Societies and Entertainment
Danielle has been nominated for her “outstanding contributions to entertainment” both in Dance Soc, and as a Head Choreographer of Fusion 2010.

Justin Stathers Societies and Entertainment
Famous to many as the ‘Langwith Pirate’, Justin has made tremendous contributions as Pant Soc’s Press and Publicity Officer and the Student Representative for the second-year Writing, Directing and Performance course. Justin has also starred in a number of popular campus productions, including Rope, Half Moon Man, Dick Whittington, The Government Inspector and Jack and the Beanstalk (to name just a few).

Paul Taylor Sport and Student Activities
Paul is the co-captain of the Vanbrugh Football Team and Captain of the Vanbrugh Cricket Team. He is a regular volunteer on Kids’ Club and has recently taken over as co-ordinator. He is described as working “incredibly hard” and as someone who “cares passionately about everything he does.”

Matt Thomas Sport
As President of the largest sports club on campus, YUnow, Matt is described as leading “one of the most successful committees in a long time.” The club have had an impressive performance record this year and have become one of the “best ski teams in the county”, despite limited funding. Matt is also the ongoing York Sport Fundraising Officer.

Miranda Thomas Students
Miranda has continued to work tirelessly for York Comedy Society and has overseen what has been seen as “phenomenal development” in the Society during her two years as Chair.

Fionna Tod Societies
As YSTV’s previous Commercial Director, Fionna co-hosted York Come Dancing 2009/10, and is said to have played “a cheerful and understanding Tess Daly to Luke Malkin’s Bruce Forsythe.” Fionna has presented countless other YSTV shows, including Election Results 2010 and Children In Need.

Ollie Todd Student Activities
Alcuin Chair and Fusion Press and Publicity Officer 2010 is said to do a lot for his College.

Dave Tracz Societies
Dave is said to have made the News Team at URY one of the largest teams at the Station, and has contributed to both YSTV and Nouse.

Holly Treadwell Welfare
Holly is a Nightline Co-ordinator and one of their public faces. She organised a 36-hour flat for Nightline during ‘Keep your Cool’ week, and has been recognised for the amount of work and effort she contributes to the welfare system.

Cem Turhan Student Activities
Cem has been nominated for his commitments to LGBT on campus and for his “fantastic” URY show. He is said to have “well and truly thrown himself into University life, handling whatever comes his way with a smile.” He was part of the team that created HP Muggle Soc, is a member of Langwith JCRC, and is the Lifestyle Editor of The Yorker.

Edward Twitchett Student Activities
Described as a “talented” student, Eddie is said to have “the best show on URY”, DJs at Melt and contributed consistently to Alcuin JCRC.

Christina Unwin Students
The Derwent College Administrator is said to have been consistently helpful and friendly towards students throughout the year.

Charlie Ward Charity & Volunteering
Charlie has worked to help run Kids’ Club this year, and been a major part of securing the future of Kids’ Camp.

Henri Ward Student Activities
Henri is described as “constantly around campus dedicating himself to everything he can”, which includes hosting Got Booty, working with the Christian Union, and being Vanbrugh’s Welfare Rep.

Peter Warner-Medley Welfare
As previous YUSU LGBT Officer and Langwith Welfare Officer, Peter is known for his work in supporting student welfare, and his approachable and kind nature. Peter helped organise the Courtyard event ‘Living Library’ earlier earlier this year, and will be remembered for his winning performance in York Come Dancing.

Conor Wilcock Student Activities
Conor is praised for being “an amazing Langwith Chair.”

Rachel Willie Academic
The English tutor particularly influenced her Renaissance literature group last year, and is described as “really good at what she did.”

Dan Wood Societies and Entertainment
As the current Chair of Drama Soc, Dan is described as having done “amazing work” with Drama Soc, Comedy Soc, Pant Soc, and Central Hall Musicals. Dan is currently performing at York Theatre Royal with the hugely popular Belt Up Theatre.

Simon Wood Sport
Simon is said to have participated “selflessly and endlessly in Langwith College sport” whilst still maintaining a smile throughout.

Chris Woods Societies
Over five years Chris has been President and Chair of Debating Society, running York’s first two inter-varsity competitions and building it up from nothing into a “nationally known group.”

Ben Wooley Student Activities and Entertainment
Ben’s help with events across campus this year have been championed as “unrivalled”.

Anna Claire Younger Student Activities
Anna’s dedication to Derwent and the University is widely commended. As ex-Derwent Vice-Chair, and the organiser of year’s Big D, Anna still sits on the Derwent Committee, working “tirelessly” to improve the College, most notably in securing the continuation and refurbishment of Derwent Bar.

Emily Beber and Andrew Farrington Entertainment and Innovation
Emily and Andrew have been instrumental in creating events which encompass all of campus, and, in the case of Stornoway, the public too. Andrew was Head of Music for URY, and met with Union officials for the Stornoway gig, and edited the rules so that the public could attend. Together they worked tirelessly to create and promote events like Stornoway and Arthur Rigby.

Chris Venables and Freddy Vanson Campaigns
Together, Chris and Freddy make up a formidable campaigns force. Chris has spent time on Vanbrugh JCRC, and Freddy is involved in the Disarm Campaign, amongst many others. They are praised for keeping everything running smoothly.

Aiste Rugeviciute, David McKee and Dan Gee Innovation
Aiste, David and Dan have been hailed for all the work achieved with A.M. Productions and have been praised for their invention of its innovative AV software initiative.

Gareth Lloyd and Alex Williams Societies and Innovation
Alex and Gareth are the “indispensable” computing and technical brains behind URY. Gareth was Head of Computing until October/November this year, before Alex took over. Between them they have completely rebuilt URY’s website, computers, software and e-mail system. They are said to have done “a fantastic job” and are commended for willing to give everything their best shot, and being committed to solving any problems people may have.

Flick Saunders and Emma Warren Student Activities
Derwent Vice-Chairs Flick and Emma have been nominated for their organisation of “another sell out Big D” this year, and their ideas behind an “interesting and marketable” theme, ‘SinneD’.

Tom Brearley and David Somers Innovation
Last year, the two Computer Science students were led to national acclaim when they created Twitterfall, a programme that allows users of Twitter to search for tweets relating to a particular topic. They have appeared in the national press, and their programme is now used in national newsrooms. Their innovation has been described as “still really clever and progressive.”

Siobhan Hurley and Guy Wilson Societies
The Zahir Editors have been noted for their hard work in maintaining the magazine’s high standards whilst ensuring that it “provides a democratic forum for intellectual debate.” The magazine is said to have gone from strength to strength this year with its “entertaining and insightful commentary.”

Emily Thommes, Lewis Gray, and Tom Crowley Societies
The threesome have been nominated for their dedication to Pant Soc. Emily is described as “constantly smiling” and being a very helpful force in the society, whilst Lewis is seen as comically talented and friendly. Tom has made significant contributions to Pant Soc activities.

Stephen Town, Elizabeth Harbord and Christine Ellwood Students and Academic
The University librarians have been praised for their work in tackling all the controversial issues surrounding the library this year, including building work, asbestos and 24-hour opening hours.

Matt Hewett, Caroline Hunter, Emily Forster and Mike Moloney Student Activities
The James Ents team are praised for organising their highly popular pub crawls.

Additional reporting by Sam Lawson and Hannah Brearley.


  1. Seishi is a GOD!!!!

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  2. I’m not sure the entry on tom Flynn is entirely fair on those people who are actually heavily involved, or who ran welcome week or who ran the elections. Tom, to be fair to him, after doing three years left at the end of last year. Are the noms vetted for accuracy?

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  3. (directed, I guess, at whoever made such an erroneous nomination)

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  4. 31 May ’10 at 6:15 pm

    Red One, Convict...

    Absence of someone whose name rhymes with Fenry Hames Joy.

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  5. What a fantastic list!

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  6. Well done all… but where are Henry Foy and Sian Turner?

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  7. Brockbank and Coulson on it! Yay!

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  8. Where is Sam Asfahani?

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  9. Who is Alex Smith?

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  10. 31 May ’10 at 7:17 pm

    Elections again...

    So I can vote for Chris Etheridge, but Peter Campbell doesn’t seem to be on there?

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  11. I completely agree that Henry James Foy and Sian Turner are missing from the list. They would be in my Top 50 anyday.

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  12. 31 May ’10 at 7:28 pm

    George Bouras

    Hmmmm got enough Nouse writers on the list…?!

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  13. 31 May ’10 at 7:28 pm

    Vanbrugh Computer Room Crew typing from home

    I’m pretty sad that only one of us made the list…. and it was the less deserving one of the crew.

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  14. and Steve Miller. Oh, and Samuel Houlders. And i reckon everyone in Derwent should vote for Neil ‘Uni Picts’ Chauhan for the number 1 spot.

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  15. 10 people affiliated with Nouse, 2 people with Haus, and 2 people involved in both. Out of a total of 140ish , that’s 10% of the shortlist.

    Also, why no website voting? We have the technology, but we’re making people email? I’d be interested to see that actual number of people that people email in, and I hope this is released.

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  16. Tom Martin is my god :-)

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  17. 31 May ’10 at 8:36 pm

    Poor, poor form

    Compiling a list and then putting yourself on it? Poor form Connor.

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  18. @Jason L

    Internet voting is only viable if we link it with the university account to ensure one vote per person.

    There are two methods I know of to do that, firstly the proper method of somehow using the uni login system would take too much time too implement with other work on atm. The other method would be to use confirmation emails sent to the York email account, but that would gain very little since anyone prepared to check their email will also be able to send one.

    If you do an internet vote but don’t tie in with a login system of sorts, you’ll get something like this:

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  19. Don’t forget Will Booth’s time as Vision style contributer.

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  20. Is it just me or are a lot of the people on this list simply ‘big names’ or campus celebs? Surely holding a position in a society or on a JCRC shouldn’t be enough on its own without any noteworthy achievements? There are beauty pageants for that.

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  21. 31 May ’10 at 9:22 pm

    Barbara Streisand

    This is the worst list I have ever seen my life!

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  22. @Dominic : The point of this year’s top 50 list was that anyone and everyone could be nominated. If you wanted people who weren’t ‘big names’ then you should have suggested them yourself!

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  23. Isn’t Single Transferable Vote a bad system to be using? It would work if there was one winner, but there’s going to be 50 winners..
    All I mean by that, is that if one person gets no first choice votes, but loads of second choice votes, they won’t get in. This would make sense if, as I said before, there was one winner, but doesn’t seem to work with 50 of them.
    Perhaps a points system would make more sense, ie. 5 points for first choice, 4 for second, and so on?

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  24. I find it despicable that Nouse are so poorly represented on this list! For goodness sake there are only 10 Nouse writers and editors on the list! UNACCEPTABLE! For campus’ most important society this is totally unrepresentative! only having one fifth of the list comprised by yourselves is a disgrace – I personally can think of up to 341 Nouse people who should have made the list. It should have been a Top 341 and comprised of just Nouse people.

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  25. ….where’s our president?

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  26. where is scott bryan??

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  27. @”Melba” : You’ll doubtless enjoy the revelation that I did in fact do that.

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  28. You cannot fathom the immensity of the shit I do not give. Most pointless shortlist since Top 10 mass murderers 1999.

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  29. Is ballot voting anonymous?

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  30. These type of things are always a bit awkward. People will always disagree, and the organisers will always take some stick. However, the lack of intelligent thought that has obviously gone into this is shocking.

    There are people in this list that, probably by their own admission, don’t deserve to be included. No disrespect to them, but I reckon certain individuals (college “legends”, etc) are very embarrassed to be included. Having a popular vote, like some kind of “elect your favourite mate” system, means that these joke nominations may well score high enough to deprive more deserved people of a spot in the list.

    This can be remedied by mature, sensible voting. However, the biggest cock-up, the most cringeworthy and narcissistic decision that ultimately undermines the entire intent of this project is the inclusion not only of the entire senior editorial team of the sponsor newspaper, but also of the person in charge of the nominations!

    For crying out loud Laura, Charlotte, Camilla etc, you may well all be absolutely amazing. You may well have been nominated by a million gazillion people. But don’t include yourself in your own list of amazing people. Did you not think that to ‘normal’ students like me, this only confirms stereotypes that people hold about this paper? Or did that not cross your minds?

    Names have been bandied about in these comments that suggest glaring omissions. To that I say why didn’t you nominate them in the first place. Though I reckon those not included amongst the ‘campus fashionista’s and the self-congratulatory Nouse writers are thrilled not to be associated with this abysmally thought-out project.

    I feel sorry for those who deserve recognition. A shamefully low point for Nouse.

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  31. Why is Weasley on the list? Vanbrugh rugby are about as dry as a night out in Pontypridd.


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  32. 31 May ’10 at 11:11 pm

    Luke Brownbridge

    What’s this? Leigh Clarke? He is mess.

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  33. 31 May ’10 at 11:21 pm

    felicety (ladder)

    Why am I not on it? I appeared in an award winning tv show, got exploded, and shouted down at that idiot alex for trying to chat me up with a bantarrrrr line. I campaign (as much as I can) for ladders & womens rights and integrity.
    no one cares about us non-human candidates! booooooooo.

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  34. @KDavis

    Just to clarify, why shouldn’t Nouse people be congratulated in some way for the work they do?

    People like Adam and Leigh have spent about a million hours on 22 acres or the astro just so people can find out how our and other unis sports teams have got on.

    To say they dont deserve recognition simply because they are connected with Nouse is mad

    Oh and before i forget – Ali Clark deserves at least 3 medals for all his work!!

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  35. I thought YUSU operated an electronic voting system. Couldn’t that be used to ensure anonymity and any possible accusation of fixing the vote?

    Come on YUSU, sort this society out.

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  36. 31 May ’10 at 11:45 pm

    K Davis Has A Point

    Poor form, Nouse.

    Yet again the top ladies in nouse prove that they are not mature or professional enough to be Editors of this paper.

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  37. This is the most bitter thread of comments i’ve read in a long time in nouse.

    1) The list is made up of nominations, sent in by ANYONE at the university. If the person you wanted to vote for is not there then you had your chance to nominate them. A valid argument would be if you nominated someone and they didn’t appear in the list, but unless anyone says that you can’t argue with the list.

    2) OF COURSE there’s a high proportion of nouse writers on there. It’s natural to assume that as the nomination process came from nouse, everyone in nouse knew about it and wanted to take part. Nouse people are very likely to know other nouse people and want to recognise the hard work that they’ve probably seen them doing. Again, you had the opportunity to nominate whoever and however many people you like. You now still have the opportunity to not vote for them if you so wish.

    3) If you don’t care about the awards, why do they matter to you so much? It actually means a lot to some people- i’ve seen some really happy facebook statuses today from people that’ve been nominated. Are you really twisted enough to want to take that away from people, who didn’t even put themselves there. (again, THEY WERE FAIRLY NOMINATED) For what reason? Seriously, why? If you think doing a good job is its own reward then keep doing your own job and doing it well- you don’t need to pay attention to this. It’s a bit of fun with the intention of rewarding some hard work. It’s not a nobel peace prize and it’s no matter of life or death.

    I tell you something else, though everyone makes up York and there are a few surprising absences, this University would be a lot duller and less successful without this list of people. Congratulations to all of the people nominated. Congratulations to anyone here (nominated or not) who goes above and beyond the call of duty. In York, or otherwise.

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  38. women should not be put into positions of responsibility. simple as.

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  39. On a lighter note: really great to see Nightline recognised – a group of around 30 anonymous students who put literally hundreds of hours into something which they get no personal recognition for, other than from each other and the countless students they help. No posing, no boasting, just quietly getting on with it.

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  40. 1 Jun ’10 at 12:22 am

    Oliver Hutchings

    Disappointed not to see a few of my nominations in there, but I can’t see many people on that list who don’t deserve it, congratulations all!

    I’d like to levy my disappointment at the bitch fighting going on in the comments as F5 well pointed out, it’s insanely pathetic.

    I’m genuinely surprised that HJF is missing, I mean I don’t want to single anyone out, but I put a nomination in for the guy; he’s given an incredible amount to the university and is well deserving for a spot on the top 50. I realise Nouse desires to gain independence from his name but I wouldn’t expect him to have had less votes than some people on this list and so am fairly dubious of the short list procedure (unless he opted out of course), but nevermind, I’m in no position to judge.

    Good luck to everyone on there.

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  41. It’s not really fair to criticise this list. It’s not a list of people that Nouse compiled randomly, it’s a list of people who have been nominated by others.

    If someone is on the list who you think shouldn’t be there then you must assume that there are several other people who disagree with you, since they have clearly nominated them!

    To talk of a “shamefully low point for Nouse” is extremely unfair. The paper is attempting to acknowledge the hard work of people at the University; what’s wrong with that? It’s done in a democratic way; what’s wrong with that?

    If the team compiling the list had simply picked its favourite 50 people then yes, by all means, feel free to criticise, but it is a list of people who have been nominated by fellow students.

    Well done to all those nominated.

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  42. 1 Jun ’10 at 12:37 am

    A concerned observer

    I think we’d all like to have seen Oliver Hutchings and his spectacular hat somewhere on the list – it’s just a shame nobody remembered before the deadline.

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  43. I had no idea when these nominations were available. Im sure everyone at Nouse reminded their mates though. So many notable exceptions, from some of the biggest achievers this year.

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  44. Where is the infamous Andrew McIlwraith? I guess making this paper look silly outweighs overwhelming success and even BUCS silverware. Bad luck Mac!

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  45. 1 Jun ’10 at 1:08 am

    @Henry Cowen

    I think K Davis’s point wasn’t that Nouse people dont deserve recognition, but more that if you run a competition (as Laura and, by extention, Charlotte have done), you should count yourself out of the running.

    Though I agree with your point:

    “If the team compiling the list had simply picked its favourite 50 people then yes, by all means, feel free to criticise, but it is a list of people who have been nominated by fellow students.”

    Unfortunately the comment by Oliver Hutchings just above yours wholly undermines that notion. Thus the entire process must be considered tainted.

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  46. Sorry, but I can’t think of a more boring and rather pointless list. This really is a register of people who like to stride about thinking they are important or influential. It is a list of arrogance and sheer stupidity, rather than being anywhere near a true reflection of campus life.

    And yes, it is slightly ridiculous that Nouse have so many of their own contributors on the list. It would be a bit like the Guardian voting Alan Rusbridger the bestest-ever-Editor-in-the-whole-wide-world! (Just thought that would be a rather apt comparison as you like to think of yourself as the infant Guardian anyway. I have no idea why)!

    I don’t dispute that many people involved in Nouse work very hard (well done on your NUS best media nomination btw) but they are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. They want careers in journalism and the media when they graduate. Let us at least be honest about it.

    Following on from that, most of the rest of the people on this list are hardly that inspiring. Quite a lot of busy bodies and nobodies if you ask me. (Which you are probably not).

    Please don’t tell me “Well these are the nominations and anyone can be nominated, it is not Nouse’s fault”. They designed this poor system of letting sad little campus wimps parade themselves as seeming powerhouses.

    I think features like this are good, but please sort out the system and the mechanics of it by next year so I don’t have to shout “Why the f*** have they been nominated?” and “Who the hell are they?” quite so many times when reading the nominations list.

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  47. I’m not sure I agree because I think regardless of whether you’re running the competition or not, if you’re nominated you’re nominated. But hey ho, I suppose that’s a matter of opinion.

    As for the process being considered tainted, one can only hope that those nominations not included are done so for the reasons at the top of the article; “N.B. Please note that some nominations have been removed, because they do not fit the definition of those who are applicable for nomination i.e. still contributing to student life, as an undergraduate, post-graduate, University/Union employee or staff member”.

    I think it would be a real shame if the process is considered to be tainted because running a competition that acknowledges the immense hard work of people at York should really be lauded.

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  48. 1 Jun ’10 at 1:33 am

    Charlotte Hogarth-Jones

    Hello everyone, as there appears to be some misunderstanding here I will hopefully be able to clear things up a bit!

    Anyone at all who was nominated within the given period has been placed on this shortlist. If someone has not appeared on the list, it is because nobody nominated them in time. Obviously if someone was nominated in time and has not appeared on the list, then that is a mistake of ours which needs to be rectified immediately. Tomorrow when I have access to the top50 email account I will check that nobody has been accidentally missed off the list that should have been included. There was a large volume of emails, some containing many nominations, so it is possible that this has happened and I will double check everything just to be sure. However, the original intention of those compiling the list was simply to list every single nominee and find out some information about them.

    @H, I’m really very sorry that you weren’t aware of the dates for the deadlines. We have tried to publicise this as best we can through this website and through Facebook, although obviously it has not reached you, so perhaps with hindsight we should have done other things on campus to promote the nominations.

    @K Davis, I take your point about not having the editorial team on the nominations list. At first our intention was not to have this, as you have suggested. However, certain members of Nouse were nominated by/involved in completely different societies/charities, and were not necessarily nominated for their work specifically with the paper. As it became increasingly hard to know where to draw the line, and I didn’t want to ignore a large number of nominations from outside the society who clearly thought the person/people that they nominated were very deserving, I decided that the fairest way would be to put anyone at all who was nominated on the shortlist, as with all other nominees. That way all Nouse contributors were subject to the same rules as everybody else, and it would still be up to other students if they made it into the final top50 or not, depending on how they voted.

    I hope that this has answered a few of your questions. I’d also encourage everyone to remember the actual purpose of this list and to vote accordingly. It is completely understandable if you don’t agree with those nominated, but hopefully you will find five people listed above that you do think deserve some recognition for the work they have done at York. I can! If you would like to contact me further about this please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected].

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  49. 1 Jun ’10 at 2:24 am

    Schalk Brits

    Look guys, it’s not bloody difficult. If you wanted someone to be on this list, all you had to do was nominate them. Anyone complaining that it excludes deserving people is therefore a bit of an idiot – it’s been pretty clear how this was going to work from the start.

    Also, anyone complaining that someone on this list is non-deserving is also a right plonker. So you don’t recognise their names? Might be something to do with the fact you spend all day in your room leaving angry comments on Nouse. Let’s be honest, you don’t go to Comedy Soc meetings, Nouse production nights, Lemon Press socials, Harry Potter Soc whatevers, and therefore have no idea who works behind the scenes to keep these important parts of university life going. That’s exactly why Nouse wanted students to nominate rather than picking the list themselves, so that those little-known people who contribute behind the scenes can achieve recognition.

    If a person has done enough at this university to prompt another to spend five minutes of their time nominating them, then they deserve to be on this list. We can all sit here like ‘N-dubz’ and talk about the ‘arrogance’ and careerist motives of those nominated, but I reckon you can make a strong argument for any of them.

    Any article that encourages and recognises those that work hard on campus should be applauded. This is not a power list or popularity contest, it is a recognition of honest, hard work and those that criticise it come across as extremely cynical and bitter.

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  50. 1 Jun ’10 at 6:22 am

    Where is my skype studio Rich?

    Richard Rhodes is actually quite accurate (for once) regarding the GSA nominations. Funny really, considering he’s done nothing to justify his 10 hours per week pay. Apart from prance around looking important.

    Keiran Alden, by far, has been the stand-out graduate student for any YUSU award.

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  51. During Britains Got Talent the entire production team are not allowed to enter any competition that the show holds, this also includes Ant and Dec. Case Closed

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  52. It’s pretty funny that people are complaining that this is a popularity contest of ‘campus celebs’ and then bitching about people they don’t recognise at the same time- sort of shows they just want to get pissy at Nouse however they can…

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  53. Pretty inevitable that I should wake up this morning to find another torrent of pathetic and unnecessary abuse directed at the Nouse editorial team but some people clearly need to get out more.

    As Henry has already commented, to say this is a “shamefully low point for Nouse” when talking about a democratic process with the intention of highlighting the good work of many unsung heroes on campus is ridiculous. Frankly, you don’t know how lucky you are.

    York is blessed with unparalleled student media organisations, of which Nouse is just one. The fact that the newspaper (and Vision) have been nominated and, indeed, have won, national student media awards for over a decade means they must be doing something right. When compared to other universities, York is streets ahead in reporting on student issues and bringing in new innovations (video news content, fantasy football, the Top 50!) Imagine if we didn’t have all this, how the hell would you find out what was going on?

    The comments also show a clear lack of understanding about just how much time and effort goes into producing a newspaper. Charlotte, Laura, Camilla et al. genuinely sacrificed their degrees when they took up editorial positions and put in hours of selfless work every week to produce a newspaper which then seems to have become nothing more than a target for people with too much time on their hands.

    Remember also that, unlike a number of student papers, their positions are not paid. A typical production week can demand being stuck in the office in front of a computer for probably five days out of seven and often for 40 hours at a time. When you’re not there, you’re writing articles, chasing up less reliable people or are on call. A pretty thankless job, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    If this isn’t enough, they then find the time to get involved with other things, mentioned above, which in my view is quite remarkable.

    To those quick to condemn, I think it’s time to step back and think about what you’re saying.

    Kiss my face x

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  54. 1 Jun ’10 at 9:45 am

    Peter Iveson

    ^^Spot on

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  55. I think the sad thing about the above comments is how they reflect how people seem determined to pass judgement through the mediums of Facebook and also by preconcieved ideals.
    Because of social networking and also people interpreting status updates etc, what we have is a complete disregard to the inherent nature of the competition- a SECRET

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  56. poll which attempts to reflect achievements.
    Whilst I, like others, would not have put some people on the list, and included others it is both rude and overly personal to disregard someone, when, ultimately, everyone on this list has taken the steps to get involved, as others have mentioned.

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  57. Hello everyone,

    I thought I would just clarify a couple of things for people who obviously have quite a lot of strong criticisms against this list.

    It could never have been a definitive list, involving everyone who has ever done anything of importance or interest on campus. We have neither the resources nor the time to do that. However, it is primarily a positive idea which seeks to recognise hard work and talent and I feel that this has mostly been achieved.

    I have included all the people who were nominated on time, that is, before 12 midday yesterday. If you didn’t nominate on time, or if your nominations did not fit the definition above, your nominations were not included. I was concerned by the level of Nouse writers and contributors on the list, and considered removing them all, especially me, Charlotte and Camilla. However, by that premise I should have removed all campus media contributors, as surely Nouse is just as a influential and important as the rest of the campus media, and deserves recognition too? Why should I have discredited certain people’s nominations and not others? The people who nominated Nouse writers were people not even involved in the society. However, inevitably, the readership of Nouse may be more likely to want to nominate the Nouse editorial team, than other campus media, for example. Any discerning viewer of this list would appreciate that, and take it with a bit more of a pinch of salt.

    I think that we have worked hard to make this list a lot fairer this year. I have not editorialised anything and have not made any personal selections. The voting system strives to make the process even more fair and representative, and most of the emails I have been sent thus fair have been positive. If you wish your vote to remain anonymous, then the ballot voting is recommended. If you want to discuss this with me personally, it would be good to see you at Vanbrugh stalls next week.

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  58. @Thunderer “video news content” careful who you attribute that to, YSTV have had their videos online since 2004 and have broadcast live online since 2006, well ahead of BBC iPlayer. It’s only more recently that they’ve worked with Nouse to put their videos on this website.

    YSTV tends to get pushed out the limelight by the papers, so I’m glad that there are some nominations on this list for the people who make YSTV work. Imagine what event coverage, especially Elections, would be like without them!

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  59. there is a short list of two for me Rob Grant and Alex Redshaw true leaders of the biggest and most successful sport on campus, not only does the university benefit from its unparralleled success but everyone just loves them surely that is a sign of being the top dogs?

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  60. I don’t think this is a list about unsung heroes, and neither is it a list about campus celebrities. It is a peer elected list about people that do things that other people appreciate.

    Why shouldn’t Laura be nominated? She may be Nouse Deputy Editor, but I doubt that’s why she was nominated. She’s spent the last year working for a charity, and has now set up a volunteering project which could see hundreds of local school students getting opportunities to consider the media in ways that we never got. So just because of one of the many things she does she shouldn’t be recognised for the others – that’s both ridiculous and unfair.

    Nouse people aren’t paid – they’re students. They do a lot more than just work for the paper, that’s just what they’re most recognisable for. Why shouldn’t they be commended for the other things they do?

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  61. I’m still wondering why my queries about Single Transferable Vote haven’t been addressed?

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  62. bunch of nobodies if you ask me

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  63. Yay, my first reply to this thread and undeniably nowhere near my last. It’s good to see so many people caring about the list..

    A) “It’s made of campus celebs” – there is a reason that people are well-known around campus. Sometimes it’s because they’re from YUSU, sometimes it’s because they have a big ego and sometimes it’s simply because they do a lot more than everyone else. It’s not surprising to recognise people on the list if they do a lot of work or if they’re affiliated with a major group. Though, as always “campus celebs” is a redundant phrase.

    B) “I don’t know who these people are” – I, personally, would argue that this is the point. Everyone will know someone who doesn’t get the limelight, who has never been named in the campus press but does a ton of work. Those are the people who should be winning and it’s good that Nouse recognise this fact! The people on the list that you *haven’t* heard of are more likely to have been nominated because of selfless dedication to a role instead of self-publicity.

    C) “There are Nouse people there! :(” – Yeah, well there should be. If a society chair makes the list for doing work, why shouldn’t the editorship of Nouse? They put in continual work, not only writing a number of articles but being responsible for ensuring it all works out properly and putting in a sleepless weekend for every issue. LIKEWISE there should be a similar number of people in YSTV, URY, The Yorker and Vision. I don’t know all of the socs enough to count each member but on the page URY is mentioned 12 times, Vision 10 times, the Yorker 4 times and YSTV 11 times so there is *some* representation in there. If they’re taking every nomination then there would obviously be some Nouse nominations in there. Unlike the “Power List” in which it would be extremely pathetic to put yourself, this is democratically nominated and democratically selected so all’s fair!

    D) “My mate Tony isn’t nominated” – well there could be a reason. Maybe somebody nominated ‘my mate tony’ and it wasn’t specific enough, maybe the nomination was early or sent to the wrong email address, maybe nobody nominated them at all or maybe the nomination went through but was missed out. Since I know that Henry James Foy, Sam Asfahani and a couple of others were nominated, there are obviously a few omissions. But since Charlotte Hogarth-Jones is going to try and rectify that, perhaps stop whining?

    E) It’s ultimately chosen by the average student. There will be some ‘popular’ people who students think don’t deserve it and will be off the bottom of the lists and miss the cut. Ultimately it’s likely to be topped by some campus celebs who deserve their label and then filled with lesser known hard-workers. Facebook groups will spring up too, I’m sure. But if you want to have a say in the list, nothing is stopping you – I’m pretty sure that it’s not just students who can vote, either!

    Kudos to Nouse for improving on what was, last year, a great idea. :)

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  64. 1 Jun ’10 at 11:41 am

    Oliver Hutchings

    I’ve spoken to Laura this morning and although my email was sent before the deadline, we’re putting the fact that it can’t be found down to an act of God, apparently the internet makes mistakes too.

    So can I just give a quick and trivial shout out to Edward Twitchett (Tune Spinner Extrodinare Twitchtapes/Chai and Choons/Melt and general hero), Henry James Foy (the marmite of campus legends) and Lawrence Nind (Gok Wan look-a-like, fashionista, Alcuin College Fresher of the Year 07/08 and the worst social sec/bar rep in Alcuin college history).

    I think this minor failure (which by the looks of it isn’t even attributable to the editorial team) aside, the list is a great way to compile a cross section of campus personalities and shouldn’t be torn apart by those with personal vendettas, it’s open, broad and good for recognising the talents of those both big and small. Laura is right the list is never going to be perfectly comprehensive, but that is more a failure of the general public than of Nouse who have clearly put in a lot of effort. The lack of dignity displayed by some on here is truly abhorrent thank the lord for the anonymity of the internet eh?

    Gus Beamish-Cook for the win!

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  65. I don’t see the issue here guys?

    I’d like to say “oh no Charlotte shouldn’t be on the list, or Ali Clark or another Nouse-person” but that would be completely in-just my opinion. (Not saying I would guys, but I just know you two are involved in Nouse :) )

    For one, I am involved with theyorker and also other areas of campus and societies etc. If theyorker ran this competition and I was deserving of a nomination (which I don’t think I am) I would be a bit hacked off if I was not allowed to be part of the process in recognition of my other work.

    There is an issue of course of Nouse people probably telling more Nouse people of the top50 and as such maybe are more likely to receive votes etc, but that would happen wherever it was done.

    I’m not saying that people from Nouse haven’t just nominated their friends who do a lot of work. Yet at the same time they perhaps do the same as a writer from theyorker, Vision, Lemon Press and by merely doing what they are supposed to be doing, have received a nomination. Then again some people (let me take Fiona Lavelle as an example) is the editor of theyorker – but at the same time is a BoS-rep, involved with Fusion, DanceSoc, …. why would she not deserve a vote?

    The underlying point is that this isn’t the list of ‘winners’, much like the Bafta’s/Oscar’s. Just because a movie is nominated, doesn’t mean it will win. The nominations are now there for everyone else to see who agrees with what has been put up.

    I made a few nominations, both of them I class as friends, but that shouldn’t stop me from giving them a nomination if they deserve it. It is a bit like a football manager not being able to give his son ‘man of the match’ even if he was the best player on the pitch!

    Maybe there has been a bit of sneaky work by Nouse, and maybe there hasn’t. I’m not writing this comment to place any tarnish on Nouse at all, so please, don’t launch a slagging match.

    If it was a money competition then maybe we could all get a bit more stricter and everything but, as it is not, how about you all “chill the f*ck out” and just take it for what it is.

    Why is everyone so cynical nowadays….


    Reply Report

  66. Jason, careful with your addition. It seems like your counts included the comments and partial matches for ‘vision’ (e.g. ‘provision’).

    Counting occurrences in the nominations only, for YUM I come up with:

    * Nouse = 15
    * URY = 11
    * YSTV = 5
    * Vision = 2

    So using this as a rough guide, people think that those who do work for Nouse and URY deserve the most recognition. I think YSTV viewers and Vision readers may disagree…

    Reply Report

  67. Massive kudos for Chris Woods, who has been amazing in improving the profile of York Debating, getting us to Worlds and seeing us shoot up the tab at IVs.

    However, I distinctly remember running York’s first IV in 2009. Do some research, Nouse.

    Reply Report

  68. I am not particularly interested in the top 50 stuff, though I think it is nice that as many people as possible get a pat on the back for doing something to make uni more fun for as many as possible.

    To that end I want to say that despite the pen-picture for Tom Flynn being a little out of date, his work with Kids Camp and general ‘involvedness’ undoubtedly merits inclusion in this list.

    I think Rich was right to point out that other people were involved (ran/organised) the specific events this year, which Tom has been credited for above. That’s to take nothing from Tom – everyone knows how involved he’s been in the past.

    Rather it is nice to highlight the fact that other graduates, such as Keiran, Rich, the ‘indefatigable’ Samik, and many others in the GSA and wider graduate community, have put in a lot of hard work.

    Rich has often been at the forefront of that, putting in way more than the 6 hours a week (not ten) that he has been paid for throughout most of the year – he must’ve put in around a hundred hours in welcome week alone.

    I’m a bit disappointed with the cheap shot made by Mr Skype who is obviously sniping from the sidelines; if they knew how much work Rich has put in this year they would surely feel bad about making such digs.

    Also, Rich only prances on the football pitch

    Reply Report

  69. 1 Jun ’10 at 12:56 pm

    The President

    Fix Up Vote sharp

    Reply Report

  70. 1 Jun ’10 at 12:58 pm

    Nick Scarlett

    “Rizuan ran the hugely successful Kilimanjaro trip last year”

    As much as I like Riz and I’m glad he made the list – I’d just like to point out that Jamie Tyler ran the “hugely successful” Kilimanjaro expedition.

    Reply Report

  71. 1 Jun ’10 at 12:59 pm

    Electoral Reform Commission

    @Anon – you’re wrong about STV. STV is designed for multiple winner elections, not for single winner. So STV is completely suitable here.

    Reply Report

  72. 1 Jun ’10 at 1:02 pm

    Voice of Reason

    Dan Horsfall + Rich Rhodes = married couple?

    Reply Report

  73. I think that the Nouse top 50 is a great idea, and I’m not sure why so many people spend hours and hours of their lives constantly criticizing anything Nouse do just for the sake of it.

    Reply Report

  74. @Electoral Reform..

    But how will it work when there are around 140 nominations? If no-one in the first round reaches the quota, then the person with the least first choices goes out, which (chances are) could be quite a few people, who maybe recieved only one or two first choice votes, even though they may have lots of second choice votes.
    I don’t know, this just doesn’t seem a fair way of doing it.

    Reply Report

  75. 1 Jun ’10 at 1:28 pm

    Nouse writer

    As someone who spent a good couple of years doing little else aside from Nouse, I can testify that these guys do deserve the recognition for the hours that they spend in the office, working hard and doing something that they are passionate about. People who only see the end product and continue to bitch about it on these pages have no idea just how much blood, sweat and tears are put into each edition.

    In some ways, I wish there were more people on the list, such as Holly Thomas for her unsung hours spent all night proof reading and contributing to the paper. I know that he really did sacrifice parts of her degree to do the paper, as did I, and she deserves to be recognised for this.

    Also, where is Foy? He has given a huge amount of time to the paper, and he was nominated only to be taken off the shortlist? Sorry guys, but that just isn’t on. He should be on there, and if he was he’d get my vote at the top of the list.

    Reply Report

  76. Where is Henry Meller. His performances on the hockey pitch have inspired many chubby kids this year.

    Reply Report

  77. @arithmetic – I knew that it would include partial matches – and probably also comments – but nonetheless it wasn’t supposed to be an indication. In one nominee they may say “nouse” three times anyway. But thanks for doing the work that I couldn’t be bothered to do!

    @Robin and Nick – I think that Nouse doing full research on every single aspect of every nomination is a bit much and that the nominees who said aspects. Exaggeration is probably impossible to avoid due to people getting details slightly wrong but Chris did have heavy involvement in getting the IV going and Rizuan did have large involvement in Kili, I believe?

    Reply Report

  78. Where is the campus legend and L.A.D Luke Shilling?

    Any list without him is useless.


    Reply Report

  79. Chris was indeed involved in the running of the IV, but at the time he was neither IV Secretary, nor Union President.

    Also, there is some confusion as to the way his nomination has been phrased… He has done an amazing job as the President this year, and even before being elected to this position he was probably the most active committee member, but he has not been running the society for 5 years.

    Also, where are all the ISA people? I mean, did no-one think of recommending Daria and the rest of the committee? They truly deserve to be up there….

    Finally, congratulations to George for being included in the list, although his nomination has omitted his other activities… Over the past 4 years, he has been involved in far more than running one charity – his previous positions include ISA Welfare Officer, President of the Socialists, committee member and debater of the York Union.


    Reply Report

  80. 1 Jun ’10 at 3:20 pm

    Kili Climber

    “Rizuan did have large involvement in Kili, I believe?”

    Nope – none whatsover

    Reply Report

  81. I am surprised and amused to see myself on that list. Surprised because I did not expect this (cheers to whoever nominated me) and amused because the information is wrong.

    For the sake of accuracy, I should mention that the fundraising events for Gaza and Haiti were organised by Jason Rose, Chris Etheridge, David Levene and myself. I am afraid that I have never met my co-nominee Tom Martin, as he was not involved in organising these events.

    In any case, this shouldn’t really matter so I guess I am just being pedantic.

    Reply Report

  82. 1 Jun ’10 at 4:10 pm

    Charity walks

    Although he probably won’t admit to it, both of the charity walks which raised over £5,000 between them were actually Chris’s idea in the first place.

    Reply Report

  83. @Charity walks

    Not that it should matter, but the second one was in fact my idea, as Chris will be perfectly happy to confirm..

    Reply Report

  84. 1 Jun ’10 at 4:56 pm

    Chris Etheridge

    As stated correctly above, the first charity walk for Gaza was my idea and the second for Haiti was George’s. I consider helping with both of them as my greatest achievement and am surprised they’ve been omitted from the descrition attributed to me.

    Chris Etheridge

    Reply Report

  85. I’m fairly sure that Chris would happily tell the factual story of what happened, as would all of us.

    The Gaza walk was organised primarily by Chris and then myself, then George and David, over Christmas 17 months ago.

    Since people care, this is the original facebook message – since I know Chris won’t care:

    “Long time no speak! How was your Christmas? I’ve been watching the recent battle between Hamas and Israel with interest and an idea came to mind. How about arranging some sort of York University fundraiser? There is obviously a huge humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip now and it would be good to get something going. I think this is an issue that we can both agree on and not something that our political differences will effect. What do you think?”

    Firstly *AFFECT*, Chris. Shocking. Secondly, my reply was “I think stick John Nicholls, Joe Thwaites, George Papadofragakis, David Levene and a couple of others in the same idea and I’m sold :)” and Chris replied “Yeah, well if you need help setting something up let me know.” Me: “We should set it up together.” Chris: “Yes a good idea; An Etheridge and Rose fundraiser!? What about a sponsored walk from York to London? That would be tough going! We could set it up as the Etheridge and Rose walk to London?” I suggested Hull, he suggested camping, I then converted the thread to being between the six mentioned and Craig Martin (suggesting it be between E&E, Labour, Lib Dems and Conservatives. Only Lib Dems dropped out completely) and suggested “Five people per society, ten societies, 20 per person, £1000 – and I’m hoping for a lot more than that! A collective walk to Hull or something” before weeks of planning changed it to Harrogate and later finalised it to our eventual plans.

    And in terms of this year, Chris facebooked “Since there has been a severe earthquake in Haiti, George suggested we organise another similar event. What do you think?” I suggested the same route as before, George said possibly vary it slightly and I then suggested we near-double the route and do 26/27 miles.

    So there you go. The story complete. I think it should be made into a film. The total list of people involved were Chris, me, George, David, John and also Thesi Herrmann who helped with this year’s. Just to clarify the points in several above comments and the article itself..!!

    Also to clarify before someone comments, Haiti made £3292.08 and Gaza made £2534.56. Total of £5826.64 unless I pressed the wrong calculator buttons. Sorry it was long and also sorry that few of you care. Obviously somebody does.

    Reply Report

  86. 1 Jun ’10 at 5:08 pm

    Chris Etheridge

    Good stuff Jason, surprised you still had all the original messages though! It’s been a while since we set up the Gaza walk:P.

    Chris Etheridge

    Reply Report

  87. 1 Jun ’10 at 5:14 pm

    International Debater

    Graeme Osborn and Alex Allison have done so much for the UNA this year, which is mentioned in neither of their descriptions. York has gone from being completely unknown on the Model United Nations circuit to having a fabulous reputation, mainly off the back of their individual successes. They’ve given me the opportunity to meet fantastic people through the conferences I’ve attended, and deserve to be on the shortlist for this alone, not to metion all the other good work they do that’s highlighted above.

    Reply Report

  88. “I think it should be made into a film.”

    Why not submit your proposal to YSTV then Jason? :P

    Reply Report

  89. 1 Jun ’10 at 5:40 pm

    Laura Connor

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for clogging comments, but I think it is important to just make a few more clarifications. Firstly, George, your nomination has been amended. When I am given a myriad of different opinions on what people have done etc. it is hard to encapsulate it within a few sentences. Regarding other people who are not happy with the description, as I have emphasised, these are taken DIRECTLY FROM THE EMAILS I WAS SENT and there has been no editorialising. Adding information through comments on the website here is a good way of boosting someone’s profile if you do not think they have been comprehensively described.

    Secondly, after a long afternoon of phone calls and emails and double-checking, it seems that the Nouse Top 50 email account has encountered some technical difficulties.

    I am not going to make any amendments yet, until we have fully worked out the problem, but I would discourage anyone from voting further until tomorrow. For everyone who has already voted today, and would like their vote discredited, then please send another email when the above list has been altered with your amendments. For anyone who has voted today and is happy with their choices, or who is happy to vote already from the current list, then your votes will still count.



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  90. 1 Jun ’10 at 5:43 pm

    Another Graeme Osbourne Fan

    Graeme’s awesome. A great chap and he’s well up there on my list of votes. He’s an unsung hero and is exactly the kind of person that should win this competition. I’d encourage anyone to vote for him.

    Reply Report

  91. @Videos – LOL. It might possibly be a plausible 30 second trailer but I doubt YSTV’s equipment would find its best use in it. If anything it would be a parody job for @LesterAndHouldersProductions :P Though I may talk to YSTV about something else at some time.

    I’m just going to take Laura’s suggestion of “adding information through comments … if you do not think they have been comprehensively described” and say that NIGHTLINE are awesome. Many students (including me) don’t know how much hard work goes into it and the entire job dictates that students don’t get rewarded for their efforts. So if you thought that some individuals didn’t get enough sleep, you may not know that they actually avoid sleep altogether at moments. I know a few – and obviously the Public Faces are known – but it would be great to really give them the support that they don’t get at other times. I’m, despite not nominating them, voting them top… and I’m requesting someone to actually tell us the full extent of the job of a Nightline volunteer since I can’t give one!

    Reply Report

  92. So you’ve suspended voting now while you sort out the foul-up of fact checking on Nouse’s part?

    Well this is a right royal piss up isn’t it.

    Reply Report

  93. 1 Jun ’10 at 6:41 pm

    A Ryan Lane Fan

    Woo! Good to see Ryan Lane’s been nominated.

    Reply Report

  94. Where the heck is Rosy Temple??? And Roz Wood? Rose Rea(Fusion director)?There is a lot of nobodies on this list, shame a lot of people that everybody knows have been left out! Some are good though.

    Reply Report

  95. 1 Jun ’10 at 6:57 pm

    Rizidual Value

    “Rizuan did have large involvement in Kili, I believe? Nope – none whatsover”

    Riz played just as much of an integral part in the Kili climb as any of the other people that slogged their guts up that mountain raising at least £2,200 each for Childreach international.

    The fact that he is prepared to do a similar thing again only with the added burden of team leader certainly should cement him into the list, regardless of whether the initial statement was correct or not.

    also, not sure if I was to take from an earlier comment a parallel between Ant and Dec and CHJ and LJC but its funny so I will. Ant and Dec may well not enter, or need to enter their company’s competition but they certainly dont have to take this amount of shit for running it in the first place either!

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  96. It’s funny how the person compiling the shortlist has given themselves one of the longest descriptions. Dubious.

    Reply Report

  97. 1 Jun ’10 at 7:28 pm

    Schalk Brits

    @Levi Roots

    Erm, well as Laura has already said, these were compiled directly from emails sent in.


    Am I missing something? Why are people people failing to grasp this simple idea? If you wanted someone to be on the list, you should have nominated them.

    At the end of the day, any list with Margaret Ferguson on it will get no complaints from me.

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  98. Levi Roots – the description comes from the exact text of her nomination so she did not give herself any description…

    Reply Report

  99. Here is a bit more information on two of the YSTV people nominated who you may not know much about:

    *Mark Friend*
    In his first year, Mark quickly became involved with YSTV as assistant producer for Limited Edition gaining a wide experience of the production process. He didn’t just restrict himself to this one production and was involved with many of YSTV’s outside broadcasts. He was then elected Station Director at the 2007 AGM to lead the society forward. During his second year he co-produced and presented the quiz show Your Answer’s Rubbish until the end of the year when his co-producer left. In his third year, Mark tried to avoid YSTV, but continued to assist in the station’s activities. He was a team captain on comedy panel show LipSync and in summer term, brought back Your Answer’s Rubbish on his own. He was elected production director at the 2009 AGM. This year he has continued Your Answer’s Rubbish and has produced the superhero comedy Man Man which won highly commended best comedy at the National Student Television Awards. Mark also won highly commended best on-screen Male. Along with Iain, Mark coordinated YSTV’s Nasta best broadcaster entry. As well as his own shows, Mark has nurtured YSTV’s other productions guiding the newer members through the production process, just as he was originally taught.
    Mark thoroughly deserves recognition for the effort he has put in to YSTV.

    *Iain Cooke*
    Iain joined YSTV in 2005 and quickly got involved in the technical side of YSTV, setting up for outside broadcasts such as Battle of the Bands, Elections and Woodstock. He became deputy computing officer, helping keep YSTV’s live stream running which was launched worldwide at the beginning of 2006. He regularly crewed many of YSTV’s shows and was elected computing officer at the 2006 AGM. In his second year as well as his responsibilities as computing officer, Iain continued to be heavily involved in YSTV crewing many different shows and outside broadcasts not getting tied down only working on one specific production. He directed many of YSTV’s live shows including part of the YUSU elections broadcast. He was part of the team which edited YSTV’s best broadcaster entry to the National Student Television Awards and was a member of the committee that organised YSTV’s 40th birthday celebrations in the summer of 2007. Iain was away for his year in industry in 2007-2008, but managed to come back and help with some of YSTV’s outside broadcasts. Back from his year in industry, Iain started to pass on his wealth of experience to the new generation of members. He edited and directed almost all episodes of the York Sport Show and again was part of the team editing YSTV’s Nasta best broadcaster entry. He directed half of the YUSU elections 2009 broadcast and did a massive amount of filming and editing at Roses 2009 along with Matthew Tole. At the 2009 AGM he was elected head of presentation, moving towards a more production orientated role to help improve the quality of YSTV’s output. This year, Iain has co-produced YSTV’s Children in Need broadcast and again directed part of YUSU elections. Along with Mark, he coordinated YSTV’s Nasta best broadcaster entry, carefully editing down the final entry making it look excellent with a keen eye and a bit of patience. Iain has been passing on his wealth of knowledge to new members and is very good at helping people by offering suggestions and encouragement rather than dictating exactly how to approach something.
    Iain has stayed out of the limelight, but his massive commitment to YSTV and all his contributions have added up over time. It is fair to say that the society will not be the same without him and that he thoroughly deserves recognition for his input over the past 5 years.

    Sorry that was so long, but they deserve better descriptions.

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  100. Henry Ward nominated himself! Democracy?!?

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  101. @Yorkgirl
    “A lot of nobodies” – what a fatuous and absurd opinion, though i’m a bit dishearted to see rather a lot of “campus politicians” on the list I acknowledge they’ve made a big contribution to campus life even if I’m not a fan of student politics as a pursuit. There’s not a nobody on the list to be found, even if you’re not aware of them or don’t care for their field of expertise, the fact they’ve been nominated shows they’ve achieved a degree of renown and appraisal within their own circle or field. And anway, even if you disagree it’s just a list in Nouse, its not the fortune 500 or the times rich list (not that money=human worth) its just a pretty arbitrary list in a student publication and it’ll all be forgotten by next term

    Plus I very much enjoyed the comic juxtaposition of talk of “nobodies” then whining about the lack of fusionistas, hardly going aginst the (admittedly illfounded) fusion stereotype of the cliquey non inclusive Rah are you?


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  102. 1 Jun ’10 at 8:32 pm

    Different nouse writer

    In all seriousness Laura, why isn’t Henry on the list if he was nominated?

    You’ve answered other objections so can you please answer this one as well?


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  103. Sorry I am confused. Is nominations being opened again or are they reclaiming nominations through the emails that aren’t there?

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  104. @~, in response to the Nightline comments…

    I can only speak as an ex-volunteer, having graduated recently, but most have no idea about the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. I personally volunteered well over 600 hours to the service over my 2 years with the service (including obviously the nights that run from 8pm – 8am, but also the training, AGMs, administration, keeping the information up-to-date, attending national conferences etc etc). It’s a strong, close team made up of many that have done far more than me and it’s great to see campus’ truly unsung heroes getting some recognition.

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  105. Good for Robin Lindop Fisher :)

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  106. 1 Jun ’10 at 10:55 pm

    My Ding A Ling

    May I confirm that, along with Moreno Mitrovic (see last year’s list), Robin Lindop Fisher is the best person at this university.

    Reply Report

  107. Brilliant times on nightline being nominated, it’s good to know things like that, that we don’t hear much of around campus isn’t being forgotten for the great stuff they’re doing. Well done guys :)
    Well done everyone else too!

    I don’t understand why some people are getting so aggy about this? The list’s up…it’s done…it seemed like a fair system to me….:)

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  108. i hope night line win !

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  109. long live everyone who was nominated
    you all deserve it , so very well done

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  110. 2 Jun ’10 at 9:13 am

    Laura Connor

    Hello everyone (again),

    This is the last comment I will be leaving now. Just to let you know that a few people have been added to the list due to the very minor problem, and fault on my part, of two emails being put in spam and junk, which I didn’t check before publishing this list. I am aware that other people are concerned that their emails still didn’t get through. There could be a number of reasons for this, but Nouse did not, as it was originally thought, have any technical problems. If you got the email address wrong, the email should have been automatically forwarded to [email protected] which Charlotte receives, so no emails should have been ‘lost’. Also, I haven’t deleted any emails, and have checked through the list several times, so I feel that this is the best I can do now, and I am sorry if people still feel dissatisfied. As a few people have pointed out, this is not an election, and was just intended as a mildly light-hearted and positive thing to add to Nouse at the end of a hard-working year for everyone. I cannot emphasise enough how democratic and representative we have attempted to make it this year, and with a task so huge, it is easy to make mistakes. This does not mean, however, that there have been any editorial motives on our part.

    Again, I apologise for the spam emails, but I wanted to get the list up as soon as possible and compiled it pretty much single-handedly, so – as with a lot of time-sensitive stuff in campus journalism – the time pressure and size of the task, in addition to me having to juggle several other activities and my degree, has caused a few mistakes.

    Thanks for all your comments and don’t forget to vote.


    Laura x

    P.s. All votes will still be counted unless you explicitly express in another email that you want to change your vote to include the people who have been added today.

    Reply Report

  111. got anyone from vision in your popularity contest. pathetic.

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  112. Only eight of last years list have made it onto this years longlist, very interesting

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  113. ed balls: how about dan hewitt?

    Reply Report

  114. Realistically do Rhianna Kinchin, Ben Humphrys, Lewis Bretts and Nick Scarlett really deserve a place on the list. They’re already recognised enough and in fairness, get paid for what they do – so it’s not as if they’re making massive sacrifices or putting forth a superhuman effort to make the difference.

    Same applies to the various English Department members of staff and various University staff who’ve been nominated for simply doing their jobs…

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  115. @TomBirch: They are ex-editorial members, not involved as much this year.

    Reply Report

  116. 2 Jun ’10 at 1:10 pm

    Chris Venables

    @Curious – It’s cool that members of University staff can be recognised. They do a lot, winning many battles for students that go completely unrecognised. Jane Anness is a good example.

    Reply Report

  117. Etheridge. No more broken shortlists.

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  118. I should be on here, I’m a big deal, people know me…


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  119. Re: Curious.

    For a start – there’s no reason YUSU officers should be exempt from this list, I think if you saw their working hours and the amount of effort they put in then you’d change your mind. Also strange to namecheck Nick in that group as he is a third year not a sabb and hasn’t had any form of payment from YUSU or the University as far as I know?

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  120. Rumour update: a certain James college member took advantage of tech issues to sneak in a couple nominations after the deadline to gain favour with her jcrc.

    Careful E, you can only loose integrity once.

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  121. 2 Jun ’10 at 8:45 pm

    Smokin Hot Cheer :-)

    121 comments??? Can we re-open the Hornets comments page?

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  122. To be fair, a lot of the comments here have provided extra information or given shout outs to people who deserve it so it’s not all bad…

    Reply Report

  123. Some excellent choices – especially the inclusion of groups like Nightline

    Reply Report

  124. Adding to the above comment that Nick Scarlett isn’t yet a Sabb so isn’t being paid. And I think the point is that the university staff are those who don’t get credit for what they do – i.e. work beyond the call of duty. Trevor Sheldon and Jane Grenville definitely put a lot of hard work in that doesn’t get recognised but, unlike the other university staff, perhaps get far too much money for that to be noteworthy. Whereas Jane Anness, the librarians etc. do incredible jobs and do a lot in their spare time. I’ve met with Jane Anness outside of work hours (she dropped in on the Stornoway gig at 10pm for instance) for URY stuff and she’s the reason that we are getting into Vanbrugh Bar (see previous Nouse issue for complication details).

    And perhaps more importantly, the majority of people reading this won’t know who Jane Anness is. And that’s what it’s about – whether staff or student, it should be about recognising those who aren’t usually. But yeah, anyway, I need to vote. Hopefully we’ll see the final Top 50 being something like that and not just a measure of popularity among the ‘celebs’ on the list..!

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  125. where is the legend that is richard hoggart?

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  126. 3 Jun ’10 at 4:58 pm

    Chantelle's big brother

    Its easy to deflect the criticism of the list by claiming that the nominations were open (which I don’t doubt they were). However, maybe instead of dismissing the opinions expressed by those on this board offhand people those involved in the media should actually engage with the critique.

    Nouse and the majority of campus media in general are responsible for creating and perpetuating this ‘celebrity culture’ amongst various names on campus. Its no shock that this is reflected in the voting on these issues. Obviously the people that made this list required multiple votes in order (hence the absence of Foy [although I don’t doubt his personal campus fame]). General awareness of campus figures is often restricted by the media, who love a sensationalist ‘personality’ to promote. Many significant student figures are neglected by nouse, only those involved with their activities are made aware of their actions and hence few votes will be registered in their favour.

    I look through the comments on this board and I see people sick to their stomach of the narcissistic self-promoting campus celebrity culture. Its time to take some responsibility nouse. York has thousands of students and many are involved in genuinely important activities but remain unsung, maybe you could seek out some genuine news rather than promoting each others public profiles.

    Reply Report

  127. 3 Jun ’10 at 8:22 pm

    (citation needed)

    Pointing the finger at the media, and in particular, nouse for creating a celebrity culture at this university is a bit wide off the mark. Firstly, there’s not really such a thing as a campus celebrity. Contrary to belief Miranda Thomas isn’t hounded home every night by the paparazzi, Holly Burton isn’t always on the phone to her agent and no-one cares what designer label Chris Etheridge is wearing this week. These are just fairly well known people. If you do as much as these guys do, you get your name in the papers a few times. Nouse care about their reputation (and rightly so) far too much to just hand a page of their paper for shameless promotion. If i’m wrong, please give me an example of where this has happened (don’t give me Henry Foy’s column as an example, that’s totally fine as he writes it).

    The last person who the papers got behind as a campus celebrity was Vision backing Anton “Dreamz” Murphy. You can always ignore these people if you don’t want to help their fame out, but the more you talk of campus celebrities, the more people will look for some. Even if it’s just to then berate them.

    I’m totally ok with “them”, I even know a couple of them. They’re nice people.

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  128. Chris Etheridge wouldn’t know a designer label if it hit him on the head with a cricket bat.

    Reply Report

  129. 3 Jun ’10 at 11:53 pm

    Chris Etheridge

    Anyone who associates me with designer labels is very far off the mark. They are certainly not something I spend my time worrying about:P. (Waits for comment saying ‘it shows’).

    Reply Report

  130. 4 Jun ’10 at 1:18 am

    Obliging type

    it shows.

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  131. happy now? :P

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  132. 4 Jun ’10 at 10:35 am

    Holly Burton's Agent

    Citation needed is correct – Holly NEVER rings…

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  133. ‘It shows’ MUST be Jason (or the mysterious ~, as he now exists). No-one else I know puts a tongue-faced smiley at the end of comments on Nouse.

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  134. 4 Jun ’10 at 10:52 am

    Doctor Watson

    UNLESS it was someone framing Jason Rose ;p

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  135. Aw, poor Holly’s agent, feeling so alone

    I could comfort you. You could be my secret agent.

    Please write me,

    M, 35, looking suspicious

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  136. 4 Jun ’10 at 12:29 pm

    Vote Alex Smith

    This list is pandering to the horrible self gratification that a certain clique of York give themselves all the time. And for a moment I was delighted that Henry Foy wasn’t on the list and then unfortunately because one of his buddies cried enoug hhe was added. Well I can speak for the majority of normal students saying that Foy is an arrogant idiot who thinks he runs York and people think he is neither special or important. He just meretricously parades around campus and spouts inane rubbish in the media.

    As for this list – I hope Alex Smith wins. He has made a real difference to college rugby this year and is a tremedously successful social secretary of the Cricket Club. He actually makes university more fun for people – people don’t care about a 20 yr olds opinion on Iran – you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. They care about people like Weasel who makes their sporting life at uni enjoyable.

    Comment edited by a moderator

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  137. Wasn’t me. Though I wouldn’t say that I’m *that* mysterious.

    But the campus ‘celeb’ culture isn’t really perpetuated by the media anyway. Obviously there is the aspect of newsworthy fame that comes with being someone involved in stuff that gets reported. So campus politicians would inevitably make it to the pages of the papers. But I don’t think that Miranda or Rosie – or Ashley Holding etc – have been in the papers too much and yet are still well known for being caring people who are good at what they do and are dedicated to those around them.

    Similarly in the national media, many people are famous because of the media but many are famous because of what they do. People know Valentino Rossi because of what he’s done, not because of media coverage. People have heard of Mark Williams for the same reason. People know Bill Gates because of his fame, despite avoiding the media.

    And if you look at the list of people with an OBE, there are inevitably people that we’ve heard of (such as Gordon Banks, Linford Christie, Ronniee Corbett, Joan Collins etc.) but also those we have never heard of (such as, for instance, Kodandera Madappa Cariappa, Bevan Congdon and Yvonne Brewster). Obviously there will be people who read it who have heard of the below but the fact that I don’t know who they are doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve it.

    Yes, I just compared the Nouse Top 50 to an OBE. Possibly that’s an overstretch but you get my point…

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  138. @ Vote Alex Smith

    At least when Henry Foy spouts his so-called “inane rubbish” he is grown-up enough to do it under his own name, rather than post nasty messages anonymously like a 5-year-old.

    While I don’t doubt that your friend Alex Smith is deserving of his place on this shortlist, you are a cowardly child that should really be big enough to put your name to opinions.

    On a sidenote – while the Nouse website is an incredible addition to the paper I used to know, I think your anonymity rules should perhaps be looked at to stop idiots like ‘Vote Alex Smith’ posting nasty messages with no chance of public rebuttal or challenge.

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  139. 4 Jun ’10 at 3:09 pm

    distressed reader

    Where is *? I saw him on the short list originally but he’s no longer there!


    *commented edited by moderator

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  140. 4 Jun ’10 at 3:21 pm

    Hypocrisy smacking

    I wonder if all those who deplore the campus ‘celeb’ culture take the slightest interest in the likes of Pete Doherty or Cheryl Cole.

    What’s that, you DO? Well, I never.

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  141. @ Vote Alex Smith

    I can’t believe you are so mindless and ignorant that you would rather someone run a good cricket social than have an opinion on Iran.

    Grow up.

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  142. @distressed reader

    It appears that all YUSU Staff have been removed from the list. I think that someone has been playing the Media Charter rules. As far as I was aware, the rule was that YUSU staff can’t be quoted in the media but it’s fine to congratulate them for hard work done? Real shame that they’ve vanished because the non-student YUSU staff are hard workers and really deserve more recognition than they get!

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  143. 4 Jun ’10 at 7:50 pm

    Media Charter

    YUSU staff can’t be mentioned by name in the papers as far as I know.

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  144. 3.14. Union Staff will not be available for interview unless within protocol outlined in the YUSU Staff
    3.15. Staff members will not take part in any public discussion of Union Policy issues, nor give public expression to views contrary to the policies of the Union.
    3.16. Staff will not comment to the media, including the student media, in their role as a member of staff without the approval of the Societies & Communications Officer or Services & Finance Officer.
    3.17. If appropriate permission has been granted for interviewing staff, interviews must be conducted in accordance with this charter.

    11.4. When speaking to a campus media society an officer should, ideally, comment on issues solely
    related to their role and the remit of their position. They should not:
    a) Discuss any issue regarding Union staff

    11.9. When speaking to the external media, officers should never:
    a) Discuss any issue regarding Union staff

    Nothing else in there. And that last part makes it clear that there will be issues regarding Union staff in campus media – but neither staff nor officers are allowed to comment on them. Media Charter has nothing about mentioning YUSU staff – and rightly so! They’re important for many things and at times really should be in the media. Though there should be more protection from the media charter for them than the above..

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  145. 5 Jun ’10 at 10:29 am

    Who do you think you are?

    “I can’t believe you are so mindless and ignorant that you would rather someone run a good cricket social than have an opinion on Iran.

    Grow up.”

    You have an opinion on Iran Faye? That is SO cool. To be so in touch with current affairs and have your finger on the pulse to such a degree as to have an opinion on Iran…How isn’t Faye in the top 50?

    I can’t believe some people are so self righteous and pretentious that you would rather give rancid political commentary than go on a good cricket social

    Grow up

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  146. It’s less that they would rather give the rancid political chat, but that they think it is important!
    reality check. we are students, we know nothing!

    this whole list is indicative of what most of us despise about this university, a want-to-be campus elite drowning themselves in self-gratification.

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  147. Jason, there are restrictions in place that are further to the media charter, mainly due to YUSU’s responsibilities as an employer. The media charter is not the only document restricting what the media can report on, and how it can do that reporting. YUSU in recent years have decided that any reference to members of staff is unacceptable (I imagine it makes some of the intracices of employment law and contracts, a lot easier to manage that way) – and even referring to member of staff just by their role and not their name has been banned! That said, at least one of the members of staff that are no longer on this shortlist was on last year.

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  148. 6 Jun ’10 at 9:22 am

    Tore Andre Flo

    Good shout Shuks lad. You found a club for next year yet?

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  149. wow, 150 comments. Impressive

    Reply Report

  150. Is ~ who I think it is, and if so, why doesn’t he use his name? Is this some kind of vanity exercise?

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  151. @ Faye

    I can guarantee that your ‘opinion’ will consist of regurgitated analysis that you’ve seen on the BBC website or in the Times, as will that of all other student commentators. I can promise you that Alex Smith has enriched many more student lives than you have, even with your “mindful and intelligent” interpretation of current affairs. So please stop whingeing and sulking over your non-presence in this list.
    also grow up

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  152. 7 Jun ’10 at 2:53 pm

    poor argument is poor


    re-read the thread and note that Faye isn’t discussing Alex Smith but one of his fans.

    Reply Report

  153. Where did this whole ‘opinion’ thing come from? Who’s on the list for having an opinion on … what was it … Iran?

    Reply Report

  154. Oh right, that vanity that means someone prefers a small level of anonymity. That’s a great version of vanity. Tool.

    Reply Report

  155. It is an utter travesty that anyone would care in the slightest about this either way

    Reply Report

  156. I think the question on everyones lips is…

    Where is Joe Rankin????

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  157. The whole concept of this list was always going to highlight a select number of pretentious idiots that think they are somebody because they stand outside the library attempting to be ‘scene’.
    I do feel that people who actually contribute to university life should be recognised and celebrated, Charlie Leyland for example. Somebody who has given so much to this University and isn’t hustling for a mention in the campus media.

    I however will be fully supporting Ron ‘the weasel’ Smith. Just because he isn’t one of these pompous tools, he contributes to the things that university is all about for a large number of individuals, except the whole education part of course, Sport and laughter.
    By laughter i mean lash.

    go on you ginger ****

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  158. 10 Jun ’10 at 3:55 pm

    disgruntled drunk

    good to see that certain members of doorsafe didnt get on the list, just because they are doorsafe.

    oooooo you can refuse me entry, wow, you are so powerful.

    go back to the gym and the mirror.

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  159. @poor argument is poor

    It seems that candy is disagreeing with the fact that Faye suggests that an opinion on Iran is better than a good cricket social (never had any dodgy uranium enrichment going on in Rumours- ’nuff said). Whether or not you agree with “who do you think you are?” and “candy” or Faye, Mr Candy has constructed a competent argument. I am aware this is getting near to irrelevant to the article, but nevertheless,

    in the mouth.

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  160. 14 Jun ’10 at 8:58 pm

    Nouse is rubbish

    Remember that article they wrote about how bad Ryanair was because it meant you had to travel with poor people? Nouse is rubbish written by rubbish people.

    Reply Report

  161. I’m amazed (in a good way) that people can actually vote/nominate for who they want now – not 5 years ago, generating the ‘power list’ was a closed-door and secretative affair!

    (A former #55)

    Reply Report

  162. 1 Aug ’13 at 7:36 am

    ms.carolyne khabatchila lijodi anjichi

    Hi , i would like to be one among the nominees.

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