Kids’ Camp ‘saved’

It has been revealed today that the YUSU trustee board has accepted a proposal for the continuation of Kid’s Camp for the next few years

It has been revealed today that the YUSU trustee board has accepted a proposal for the continuation of Kids’ Camp for the next few years.

The proposal, which was passed unanimously, was submitted by Rhianna Kinchin, YUSU Student Activities Officer, after outrage that the annual Easter residential Kids’ Camp was to be cancelled due to lack of sufficiently trained personnel to oversee the project.

Kinchin stated: “I have dedicated many hours of work over the past months as YUSU Student Activities Officer to transforming concerns raised by YUSU’s trustees, local professionals and the Kids’ Camp Working Group of volunteers into a practical, safe and exciting solution for running Kids’ Camp. This was supported by the Kids’ Camp Working Group’s fantastic work using their own experience to cultivate new ideas.”

She continued: “Kids’ Camp is a truly unique project for a student union to undertake responsibility for; our usual remit is students, rather than kids. Therefore, the Trustee Board had to be thorough and diligent in ensuring that every possible measure is taken for Kids’ Camp to be run safely for all, and now that this has been satisfied, we are able to offer this fantastic opportunity to all our students.”

Under the new proposal, several changes are to be implemented, including employing a Kids’ camp manager, creating a Kids’ Camp review Group and running a Volunteer Personal Development Plan in co-operation with the Careers Service and University’s Volunteering Unit.

The venue for Kids’ Camp is also to be changed to somewhere more local in York, with the volunteer application system being made more open and accessible for all those who wish to get involved.

Nick Scarlett, who has been in charge of running Kids’ Camp for the last two years, and was a key member of the Kids’ Camp Working Group, commented : “I’m pleased that the trustee board have made the right decision, and voted to run camp this summer. It’s been a long process since we set the ball rolling last summer and I’m glad the hard work put in by everyone on the working group has paid off.”

“I’m so glad that York students will continue to have access to this unique development opportunity and we can continue to help the children and families we’ve worked with. I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact camp has had on them so I’m delighted with the outcome.”

The first week of Kids’ Camp this Summer will now run between 23rd and 28th August, and the second week between the 28 August to the 1 September. Applications for volunteers are now available online at The deadline for applications is Friday Week Six.


  1. 6 May ’10 at 6:43 pm

    Happy Volunteer

    Great news for kids camp and for student development in general.

    Massive thanks and congratulations to everyone involved with keeping it running!

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  2. 6 May ’10 at 11:25 pm

    Ex-Yorker and Kids Camp veteran

    Kids Camp is one of the most rewarding projects any given student at York University can be involved in. A massive well done and congratulations to those involved in the campaign to save such a precious and rewarding project! :)

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  3. Want to see what all the fuss has been about? Come to the information evening in L/116 next Tuesday at 6pm.

    And join the Facebook group

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