March 2010

Pension Fund under scrutiny once again despite preventative measures

Previous claims of £26.1 million shortcomings in the University of York Pension Fund have been brought to light once again, despite proactive measures having been set in place since October

Revealing television debate, but who has the X Factor?

Channel 4 made history on Monday by screening the first ever televised Chancellor of the Exchequer debate

Tie with Barcelona is greatest test yet for Wenger’s ideals

Arsenal’s claim to be flag-bearers for the beautiful game will be put to test against arguably the greatest footballing side in the world

Do desperate times call for desperate measures?

How far would you go to fund your degree?

Shutter Island

It is not often that a film’s trailer underrepresents rather than overrepresents the dramatic force of the film itself

The Blind Side

It’s as if The Waterboy was never made

Bode treble secures BUCS Cup glory for hockey firsts

York now have a trophy to set alongside their strong mid-table league finish after comofrtaly beating MMU Cheshire 4-1 in the final of the BUCS Northern Conference Cup this week

John Bishop: Elvis has left the building

The Grand Opera House was packed to bursting last night as comedian John Bishop took to the stage – even the “Jacuzzi cupboards” of the side boxes were full

Three Sisters

As Chekhov’s Three Sisters begins, the audience finds themselves present at the anniversary of someone’s death

I Love You Phillip Morris

Jim Carrey has continued the tendency which began with The Truman Show to surprise his critics every couple of years

Wilkinson should not be the scapegoat for England’s failings

Jonny Wilkinson should not take the blame for England’s inability to play any imaginative rugby in their unsuccessful Six Nations campaign

Heslington area searched again as part of Claudia investigation

Police were today searching Heslington village and the surrounding area, in connection to the disappearance of University of York chef, Claudia Lawrence