Might DAN only need to worry about RON?

Two years ago, Matt Burton breezed through the Services and Finance Officer election with the wind of the unfinished Courtyard project behind his back. Two plucky rivals dared to throw their hat in against Big ‘Ol Papa YUSU (some say his hands are bigger than a dinner plate, IMO), but the manner of his victory to arguably, IMO, the most important position on the Sabbatical team, was emphatic.

Two years on, Dan Walker, former Goodricke JCRC Chair, might well have an even easy ride to the pursestrings of the Union. Perhaps Democracy and Services is a little less sexy than Services and Finance; or perhaps Lewis Bretts is a little less sexy than Matt Burton – who was also Goodricke Chair before joining the Union. Maybe Dan has the ‘Don’t even think about it’ factor that saw potential rivals to Charlie Leyland last year run and hide; or maybe other candidates feel a late entrance will stand them in good stead. Well, that certainly worked for Charles Bushby, didn’t it.

IMO, Dan seems pretty well placed for the job. He had the unenvious task of leading the first students on to Heslington East, and by all accounts did a very good job. That could prove very important in March for all positions, as the majority of candidates will, IMO, fail to dedicate enough time to the somewhat remote location. He also oversaw the 40th Birthday Celebrations of the college last year, and as Nouse reported in June, Goodricke were one of the colleges in the most healthy financial situation.

However, uncontested elections are rare at a Union level, and chances are that someone will emerge to at least attempt to challenge Dan’s election, IMO. Someone other than the looming threat of RON, of course. That said, Dan won a very tight Goodricke election back in late 2008, so shouldn’t be too worried about a need to get out the vote, IMO.

On another note, the will-he-won’t-he Steve Miller saga – or should that be spoof? – gathers pace. People I spoke to yesterday who are close to Steve, and admitted they had posted the comments declaring his intentions on this blog, said they “think he won’t run, but knows he’d win if he did.”

One person who has full faith is former Derwent Chair Oli Lester, who hopes to inspire Steve with this:


We wait and see.

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  1. Steve Miller would certainly stir up campus politics and cause TROUBLE for the usual collection of campus busybodies that make up yusu……




  3. Tom,

    I know – It makes for ugly reading, right? And I think it’s pretty obvious that what is in my blog is my opinion. However, the YUSU Masters On High decreed that it must be made clear throughout all blog posts that what is written is my opinion.

    I’m sorry. It’s all a bit obvious really, IMO.


  4. I heard Dan is running for D&S against Sam Daniels? Pretty good competition…… just Rumours?


  5. IN MY OPINION this is just typical Miller, attracting attention as usual. Mark my words, the campaign will gather momentum. Next he’ll be sweet talking the press, trying to get them on his side…just like his York Come Dancing antics!

    The only reason he would run for President is so he could linger in York for another year! He’s always in Ziggy’s on a Wednesdays. Haven’t you got a degree to do “Killer”?


  6. Rivers, you clown. Your comment smacks of jealousy. You wish you were as popular and as big a name on campus as Miller. What’s the problem with him being in Ziggys on Wednesdays? This isn’t ‘typical Miller attracting attention as usual’…in fact Miller hasn’t mentioned anything to us, we are merely objective commentators on this race with our own opinions. And YOU have NOTHING on Steve Miller.


  7. I’m running for Democracy and Services.

    I promise you a subsidised brothel on Campus. Eat that Humphreys (unless you want to be anorexic like the PORNO poster girl)


  8. 31 Jan ’10 at 12:15 pm

    credit crunch crane

    why isn’t steve miller allowed to go to ziggy’s?
    are you jealous of his popularity, level of support and BNOC status?
    even a campus hero like miller is allowed to let his hair down on a wednesday night..in fact i know many people who only go to ziggys in order to get a glimpse of him!


  9. Oi Jebby! What exactly do you mean when you say I have nothing on Miller?


  10. Come on now, I’ve heard about 6 rumours for this one, at least 2 of which are very likely. Your sources are losing energy, Foy :P


  11. STOP WRITING ‘IMO’! Even if it’s supposed to be ‘irony dahhling’, I don’t care. I don’t want to see it again.

    Over and out.


  12. 3 Feb ’10 at 12:24 am

    The guy from Nottingham Trent

    Who IS Henry James Foy anyway? Even the most well-renowned journalists don’t put their own name as the headline. And ‘James’, is that a middle name?? Disgusting.

    …Ooh this paper looks good. ‘Vision’, yes, I like this one. Great front cover- and no pomposity either. Maybe you should try and emulate them…


  13. Perhaps you could stop visiting and commenting on the site as much as you do if you don’t like it? The Vision site looks just like their paper, I think you’d like it.

    …Ooh here’s a fun fact: Saying “Over and out” is meaningless to anyone even vaguely familiar with the meaning of the words “Over” and “Out”.



  14. 3 Feb ’10 at 10:38 am

    Ernie Goldberg

    Ali, “over and out” is meaningless yes, but it’s idiom, so why don’t you lay off.

    This IMO crap is ridiculous, why don’t you just write “in my opinion” like a journalist who has any sort of pride in his work? Or a small notice under the headline indicating that the views expressed herein are those of notorious HJF and not of Nouse?

    Writing IMO over and over again smacks of someone waiting to go “ooh everyone look at me! YUSU are dictating rules to me! I shan’t let them get away with this, so I’m going to butcher my article. THEN they’ll know how ridiculous they are being. To *ME* of all people!”

    Over and out.
    PS. Ali Clark you really are a tit. As if you picked on someone saying “over and out”

    Comment edited by moderator


  15. Ooo I thought I was the only one based at Trent that read Nouse.co.uk

    However, I differ as a) I don’t think vision is better looking.

    b) I know why foy uses ‘James’ and think its a good reason.



  16. Dear Nottingham Trent person,

    The last time you won Best Journalist was 2001. Nouse and Vision have both won since. You have never won or been runner-up for best newspaper. Nouse and Vision have between them been runner-up twice and winner four times. Website of the year; Nottingham Trent 0:4 York. Report of the year; Nottingham Trent 0:3 York. Feature writer of the year; NT 1:3 York. Columnist of the year; NT 0:2. We also win on sports writing, small budget publications, travel writing, diversity writing… So PLEASE don’t tell us how to run our media.

    Of course that doesn’t combat your argument, so here’s my point on that. “Even the most well-renowned journalists don’t put their own name as the headline” – the headline is “Might Dan only need to worry about RON?” and the series is “Off The Record”… Henry James Foy is the author of the piece. In terms of the comparison to Vision; they both win a lot of awards so both are obviously doing things well, even if they’re doing it differently.

    Why don’t you emulate Nouse and Vision over at Trent? It would probably help your newspaper get some awards…


  17. Ernie, even if you were brave enough to use your real name, I’m sure I would still disregard your spiteful drivel.


  18. 3 Feb ’10 at 2:16 pm

    The guy from Nottingham Trent

    Oh hello ~J. I wasn’t aware of your presence at the talk. Oh, so you weren’t there? No. Well SHADDAP then! This isn’t about whether York or Nottingham Trent campus media is better, it’s about how to improve students who want to become journalists in the future. I am a lecturer on Journalism at Trent, that doesn’t mean I control everything that goes into the paper! If you were at the presentation and actually met me then maybe you’d know that.

    P.S I love Vision!
    P.P.S Oh, The Other Guy, and why is ‘James’ so important exactly? Perhaps you’d care to enlighten us…


  19. “I am a lecturer on Journalism at Trent”



  20. Nottingham Trent is not a university.


  21. 3 Feb ’10 at 4:21 pm

    Stella Rimington

    @The guy from Nottingham Trent

    It’s his name. Duh.


  22. Just overheard sam daniels discussing going for democ and services. Seems like a late decider…


  23. “I am a lecturer on Journalism at Trent”

    Obviously you’re a rubbish lecturer then – Trent has rubbish journalism.

    And unfortunately I was at Welfare Committee during your amazing contribution to our university’s award-winning journalism… which means that whilst you can comment on journalism all you like (and thankfully you haven’t tried to argue that Trent have better journalism than us), I can comment more effectively on this blog.

    And as I said before; the blog HASN’T GOT HIS NAME AS THE TITLE. Ergo, as I said before, you’re not very good at understanding how this place is working. And my inability to go to a talk on “features” would have no difference to my ability to comment on a “blog” which, I believe, is not the same thing as a feature – this isn’t trying to report on non-fiction or be 100% factually accurate but is an opinion piece based on rumours. Ta.


  24. ”Obviously you’re a rubbish lecturer then – Trent has rubbish journalism.”

    And that comment was based on what?



    Oh, listened to radio 1 recently? Then no doubt you have heard another product of the ‘rubbish’ journalism at Trent.



  25. “And that comment was based on what?”

    On the fact that Trent is a former polytechnic and that media studies is not a real degree.


  26. tbh Nouse and Vision have won countless awards between them and York doesn’t even have a journalism department, so if the department is only doing as good as self-taught people, than perhaps the claim that the department is rubbish perhaps holds water?


  27. Despite the fact that I don’t need to reply (since the people above are now launching the tirade in my defence), I should apologise on the grounds that Fly FM is actually pretty darn good*.

    *Of course URY is the oldest student radio station (indeed the oldest non-BBC radio station) and has won a large number of awards without ye olde journalisme departmente so the comment by Chris Northwood can still stand on that point >.>