Look 2: Green is the key colour of the season

Eye styling tips from

Eye B1
1. Again, after prepping the eye, the key thing to keep in mind with lighter green tones is that they should pop to create drama. Therefore, after using a flat, round brush to apply the first colour base to the lid, additional colour (MAC Guacamole £11) should be layered over the top of this.

Eye B2
2. A great trick to making eyes appear bigger and more defined is to use a darker shade as a contour. Using a contour brush (a brush with a pointed tip (e.g. MAC 226 £14) the key is to apply above the lid, in the crease between the lid and the brow bone. Using MAC Steamy (£11) apply a strong line, winging out slightly past the contour of the eye. Another approach to glitter is to use it as an eyeliner. Using Benefit’s Mint Julep (£12.50), blend a small quantity with a drop of water to intensify the colour. Apply from the inner corner to the outer using a small, thin brush.

Eye B3
3. Another way to intensify eyes over the party season is to create a strong brow. It can be difficult to find a good shade but a dark brown such as Benefit’s Instant Brow Pencil (£12.50) should be applied in small strokes, making sure the natural line of the brow is followed. Again, strong eyeliner should be applied on the lower lash line, and mascara, although only one coat is necessary if false eyelashes are applied.

Eye B4
4. False eyelashes have long been disregarded as fiddly, but to many professional make-up artists extensions and falsies are essential. Apply lash affixer to the edge of the false eyelashes, then ensuring the end of the lashes are in line with the inner lashes press and hold for at least one minute. Have patience not to open your eye and the lashes should remain firmly in place.