December 2009

YSTV and URY deserve more help in achieving their due popularity

If these are meant to be some of the largest societies on campus, why is student knowledge of them so limited?

Student budgeting is being pushed to breaking point by Christmas

Unless we already have a job back home that allows seasonal work, trying to balance the amount of money we spend during Christmas just isn’t possible

Leaders agree to prime time televised debates

It has recently been announced that three televised debates will be held before the next general election

Look 2: Green is the key colour of the season

Eye styling tips from Tess Webb

Tassos Papadopoulos

I know it doesn’t happen often, but whilst watching the British phenomenon of The X Factor, I began to think about politics. More specifically, the political affairs and upheavals of Cyprus, the world’s only divided island

Luke is the Wright man for the second Test

England must pick Luke Wright if they are to improve their attack in the second Test at Durban

Why Man City were right to sack Hughes

It’s been a turbulent weekend in the Premiership, with Mark Hughes being sacked by Manchester City after their 4-3 victory…

The Freshers’ plays

The Freshers’ plays, in allowing anyone new to acting or backstage work to take part in a production, are an important part of keeping drama at York fresh

Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academy: A conversation with Dr Adrian Locke

A wax canon, a pregnant wall, and several funfair mirrors are among the assortment of treats currently being shown at the Royal Academy of Art. But the exhibition is just a taster of the celebrated career of contemporary sculptor Anish Kapoor

Place Making

Place Making, on display at the Norman Rea Gallery, is a bold yet engaging exhibition of sculpture, prints and paintings by David Fitzpatrick

Erotic books come out of the closet

Simon Finch is undoubtedly a maverick of the rare and antiquarian book world

Afghanistan: No simple solution

It has become an all too familiar story. Sitting down with my Browns sandwich to watch the BBC one o’clock news, I hear of the tragedy of another British soldier having been killed in Afghanistan