’ succinct guide to living, eating and drinking in the city


1. Dusk
There’s something quite exciting about ordering one cocktail and being presented with two. This is because Dusk has two for one offers from Monday to Thursday. The experienced request a pint glass and surreptitiously pour both into one, however it’s a rookie error to underestimate the potent capabilities of a pint of cocktail. The bar’s location and late-night opening hours make it the perfect post-dinner pre-club stop.

2. Nags’ Head
Although it’s not the classiest of establishments, the trebles for singles deals cannot be beaten and being able to encounter all your course and college friends at once on a Tuesday has its advantages. Its proximity to Tru makes it the perfect pre-game location – but don’t arrive too early or you’ll find yourself standing in an empty room, making awkward conversation with the barmaids.

3. The Seahorse Pub
A few weeks into the first term, shockingly, the attraction of being surrounded by drunken rugby players and leering locals will wear off. The Seahorse is the perfect place to re-charge your batteries, have a drink with some friends, and bitch about people you know. We can vouch for the regenerative properties of the Samuel Smith’s Alpine cider and it’s still close enough to stagger home to campus.

4. Oscars
It might be known as the “rah” location on campus but the over-sized portions and affordable pitchers of Sangria make it worthy of a mention. We enjoy how the chilli and the nachos are large enough to justify supper for at least two people. York isn’t known for its service but this place is surprisingly prompt and the numerous quiet rooms off the main dining area make it simply “spiffing” for a date or a catch-up with a few chums, darling.

5. Evil Eye Lounge
This bar-resturant is the most mainstream alternative place in York. Go there and you’ll see what we mean. Still, the cocktails are deadly and the Sunday lunch is excellent. The friendly bartenders mean you’ll feel wonderfully comfortable drinking away the afternoon. Visit frequently during first term and brag about how cool you are to your friends – by summer you’ll be over it.

6. Akbars Restaurant
Going into Akbars is a bit like being in the Navy – much organised chaos. There are people everywhere and the service is efficient to the point of being slightly abrupt. Still, it’s not expensive and the naan alone (suspended from a medical equipment-esque stand) is large enough to satisfy most appetites. However, Akbars and body-con do not mix – avoid going here before a night out – you’ll be stuffed.

7. York Art Gallery
If you’ve been burning the midnight oil a little too aggressively, a splash of culture is always just round the corner. York Art Gallery sits delightfully beside the only architecturally Oxbridge aspect of the University (despite what the prospectus may have you believe), King’s Manor. The gallery provides a combination of fine paintings and ceramics in a modern day setting.

8. Betty’s
Your grandmother may care that Betty’s is a Yorkshire institution and has been around for yonks but we like it for the chance to put on a pretty dress and convince ourselves that handing in our termly essay is justification for spending £15 on cake. It’s not just for girls though, as the food is next to none. There can be a queue but if you go a bit later than tea time but before dinner, you’re usually alright.

9. The Minster
As a member of the University, you have free access to the Minster. Before you put this gem of information away in your “never will I ever” file, it’s actually pretty cool. You can climb to the top of the tower and see all of York and a good section of the suburbs. It’s also a great place to convince the object of your affection that you’re intelligent. I hear the artwork and architecture are pretty impressive too.

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