Welcome to Nouse

In the coming week, freshers will endure bombardment from the noisy majority of societies (this newspaper among them), seeking to bolster their numbers with attractive campaigns of leaflets, posters, and kind faces on their Freshers’ Fair stall. Permit us, however, this opportunity to inform those unaware of Nouse, and of the kind of work we do, of the value of the experience gained by becoming an active member of our society.

Since 1964, Nouse has been at the forefront of national student media, and our past editions contain a rich archive of articles by talented writers, some of whom (Greg Dyke, Anthony Horowitz, Linda Grant), have gone on to become established writers. The details on the masthead of how many awards we’ve won, how many esteemed nominations we have garnered, are plain and perhaps gratuitous, but they reveal a pride and a commitment in what we do that few other societies can match.

The accusation is often levelled that we take ourselves too seriously, but then the editors all want to become journalists, and anyone seeking a career in this field should heed recent successes from the Nouse stable. We’re not aiming to gloss over the reality that jobs in journalism are few and far between, or to pretend we’re an illusory vehicle for instant employment, but our friends, now working for papers including the Financial Times, Telegraph and Independent, all held the same editorial positions on the paper that will soon be open to you at our upcoming elections.

We represent a diverse portfolio of interests, for which we need a diverse and adaptive team of new writers, web developers and designers to join our existing cohort. Assignments can include anything from court reporting to celebrity interviews, but all require talent and persistence.