Film: Up
Director: Pete Docter
Starring: Ed Asner, Jordan Nagai
Runtime: 96 mins
Rating: *****

A grumpy 78 year old man isn’t the obvious choice for a Pixar movie hero. Yet Up proves that even the most unlikely characters can captivate the audience. Up is the story of Carl Frederickson, a stereotypical old fogy who relishes in the good old days. Carl is faced with the task of protecting his home, and the memories it holds, from land-hungry developers. At his wit’s end, he ties hundreds of balloons to his house and takes off to experience the trip he and his late wife never got to fulfil.

These melancholic themes are offset by the adorable and comical Russell, an 8 year old boy scout who has accidentally tagged along for the ride. As the old man becomes increasingly frustrated by Russell’s hyperactivity, the house lands in a mysterious and exciting destnation full of adventure.

The 3D technology, hurriedly incorporated into the production budget mid-project, certainy paid off. The colourful environment is imbued with vivid layering and a new life.

Pixar has followed up the critical and commercial success of WALL-E, with another fresh and captivating animation, providing the obligatory awe-inspiring graphics and a humour that caters to all age groups. Throughout the film, Carl and Russell stumble upon some unlikely allies and a host of unpredictable villains. Yet it is the relationship between the two of them that really provides the moral backbone of the film. The film would not be affiliated with Disney if it didn’t have a moral message thrown in to the bag, but all is forgiven once you witness Russell hanging from a rope attached to a blimp.