Turbulent year continues for Graduate Association

Richard Rhodes has taken over as Acting President of the Graduate Students’ Association following Dan Carr’s departure from the University.

This means that the GSA has had five different Presidents since August last year.

Carr has left the University after deciding to quit his PhD. He has since taken a job at the University of Kent’s Student Union, working for postgraduates.

Rhodes, who was previously the Internal Officer, stated that whilst Carr’s departure just before the start of the new academic year was “unfortunate”, the GSA would not be too affected by the situation. “It was the whole GSA who have been pushing the organisation forward and implementing the restructuring which will let us give graduates a much better service”, he commented.

Tom Flynn, who has been GSA Treasurer for the last two years, commented that “This year has seen a massive restructuring of the GSA, and I am confident that it will be our strongest year yet.”

This follows a turbulent last year for the GSA. Carr was originally elected as President last year, but resigned in August 2008 before officially starting his duties. They were forced to re-run their October elections after complaints that some students were unable to vote due to Wentworth Edge reaching its capacity.

In the December re-runs, the previous President Rui Hang was disqualified for contravening election procedures surrounding electronic campaigning. Luke Martin, the winner of these elections, was later removed for the same reason, meaning that it took four attempts for the position to finally be filled.

A new constitution was adopted in June in an attempt to prevent such problems from blighting another year. The previous one had previously been described as “crap” by Carr.

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  1. Not really 5 different Presidents if two of them are the same person. Dan Carr will not really be missed.